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Sleeping is never going to be the same for me. :) I never really bothered so much about what to wear to sleep. But when I got pregnant my regular pantulog outfit - which really were just old pambahay clothes - either doesn't fit me anymore or that I don't like wearing them. I like airy and very soft fabrics that I even invaded the hubby's closet for his old shirts. 

I was suppose to go shopping for some really comfortable sleepwear when my friend, Amaris, told she designs them! She lovingly calls it Naima Sleepwear, the name of which means comfort, peace and tranquility in Arabic. And I was only too thrilled to give their creations a try. When I received my orders... oh boy! I'm in love!

It's seriously some of the softest fabrics I've encountered with! Even the boyfriend shirt which I thought would really come in a polo type of fabric is incredibly soft! And the designs are quality made. So glad that this brand is homegrown. It's really something to be proud off.

I got mostly all of them in Large sizes so I can maximize them during and after my pregnancy but medium should fit me well in my 125 lbs weight. I even made sure that at least two pieces are okay for nursing like the Julia's Boyfriend Shirt and Katrina Asymmetrical Dress.

One of my top favorite, Julia's Boyfriend Shirt is soft, it reminds of a baby's blanket. Definitely a fashionable sleepwear and it's only Php399!

A cute loungewear, the Katrina Asymmetrical Dress (Php449) is definitely the sexiest amongst all the pieces. I falls lovingly along my curves. Even with a huge belly, this makes me feel exceptionally sexy. Definitely not your regular house clothes. :)

Candy T-shirt in Drak Green really is one of the nicest and simplest things ever! It's freesize and makes me feel so much younger than really am. :) Can't believe this is only Php349!

I got the Patricia Pajamas in Brown & Black (Php349) because every deserves a really nice quality-made PJ's! And these fall on my hips perfectly! It's something that I look forward to wearing with oversize shirts during this cold season or my tank tops when it's Summer!

The pièce de résistance  is the Alexa Pajama Wear in this lovely bright canary yellow (also comes in baby blue)! And it's polka dots! It'll surely attract fortune this New Year. Hehehe! Oh God, the material used here is so soft that I could sleep anywhere wearing this. I love that the top accommodated my belly without making me too look huge. :) Worth every penny for it's quality, design and material.. and it's Php649 for these two!

As I'm sure that I'll be using more and more sleepwear these coming days, I need to treat myself to some really comfortable yet fabulously designs sleepwear. No the regular pantulog we Filipinas have gotten used to. And Naima fulfills that need. Thank God! 

Definitely recommending Naima to you, guys! :)

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