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I spent the better part of a Tuesday afternoon checking out what's up with The Balm Cosmetics. I look forward to attending events, meeting with friends as it takes my mind away from all the stress that this pregnancy has been giving me. Allowing me to celebrate it more than deal with all the nausea and dizziness that it comes with. 

Being able to see beauty-loving friends from both blogging and trad media and immerse ourselves in the world of beauty is always a welcome endeavor for me.

Read on and find out what products I got to see during this fun afternoon!

The Balm, through Beauty Bar and Vision Expressions friends, took us back in time. Provided us with fabulous looks from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Represented by Manila's top beauty mavens, The Balm partnered with them to achieve these timeless looks using The Balm products. 

I honestly have tried very little products from The Balm. During this event, I got to acquaint myself further with the brand and fell in love with the fun, flirty names and vintage and pin-up-inspired packaging.

The main focus of the launch was the the latest palette from the brand, Balm Voyage Palette. Ain't that such a witty name? It's a travel-friendly palette that contains 16 well-pigmented shadows, and 3 high-impact lip and cheek tints. A palette that's inspired by exotic places. Makes you feel you have to pack your bags, grab this palette and hop on a plane. Now, ain't that enticing?! 

Maybe after giving birthday and finishing two years of breastfeeding and caring for my child. :) Yikes! By then, I might have used up this palette already. LOL!

Balm Voyage is certainly that one makeup product you should have on your Christmas wishlist. But if you were like me, you'd be grabbing this palette the moment you see it on a beauty blog!

Aside from gorgeously-packaged cosmetics, The Balm also launched this year their hair care products, En Root. And I got a chance to test run them during the event. Unfortunately, my scent-sitivity (coz of my pregnancy) I did not enjoy the scents of coconut and berries. But many were really raving about their products especially the dry shampoo.

What's great about The Balm En Root collection is that it is free from parabens and sulfates, making it safer for your tender locks. And of course, great for those who want to go on the natural path when it comes to their hair and body products.

Our gorgeous host, Nicole Anderson did a splendid job of welcoming us and showing us what great products The Balm has to offer us this Holiday. :)

And speaking of Holiday, on my wishlist is the The Balm Blend a Hand and the Crease, Love, & Happiness brushes!

The Balm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer also seems interesting. :) Would love to see this inside one of my stockings this holiday. (somebody forward this to the BF, please!)

Here is the En Root Detour A-Head Dry Shampoo I was telling you about. I was lucky to get it in my loot bag. I'm keeping it til my hormones stop raging as I'm sure I will love this once I give birth when I will not be allowed to a bath for a few days. :)

Niner Ichi Nana became a haven for beauty addicts with The Balm's counter filled with their awesome makeup at entrance of the bar. :)

Looking for a nude palette? Nude-tude looks like a great alternative for Naked Palette. 

When I see two-in-one brushes, I can't help but smile with its ingenuity. :) How do I store brushes like this? I got me a utensil rack or drawer organizer from a dollar store and place my double-ended brushes on the slots.

Balm Jovi is definitely going to help steal the spotlight for you! It's center stage material, so be ready to party with this palette. :) I love the way they named each shadow based on music and the shade! Sheer genius. :)

Gone are the days we would want our makeup to be plain and simple... well, at least for most of us. We want diversity, quirks, wit and multitude of purpose in each product. We want our money's worth and more. We milk them brands and we head straight to the ones that can rise to the demand. 

And The Balm is surely up for that job. :) I'm sure you'll agree! 

I'm inviting you to head over the nearest Beauty Bar or visit their online store, to check out The Balm Cosmetics. :) Yes, The Balm is available exclusively at Beauty Bar.

My verdict? The Balm is crazily highly addicting! 

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