A Visit at the New Louis Phillip Kee Salon at C5 Acropolis

It was a short ride from my home to the newly opened Louis Phillip Kee Salon at C5 Acropolis. A dear friend, marcie, invited me over to enjoy a day of pampering and makeover. Since learning I was pregnant, I was quite intent on getting my hair colored to it's original shade before my tummy increases. Given my hair's blonde state, I didn't want to deal with regrowth during my pregnancy.

Thankfully, Louis Phillip Kee carries INOA, an oil-based ammonia free hair coloring treatment. I've tried it before and found it really effective. I knew it was the safest for my hair at my current state. Although there aren't much case to support that hair coloring affects pregnancy, one just really have to be careful.

Sir Louis Phillip Kee

So before, y'all righteous  mothers out there condemn me for coloring my hair, know that I did my best to choose the best for me and my baby and I do have other mothers to back me up on this choice. And besides, a famed a salon like Louis Phillip Kee will surely take care of me.

And take care of me, they did. Jon, my stylist was attentive. He colored my hair, made sure the shade is what i wanted. He used INOA in Level 5, it's about 7 levels lower from my ash blonde hair. My hair would still be brown but should be sufficient to avoid that awkward regrowth once my hair grows out. He also threw in a free hair mask. My hair was blown out to perfection and was given a Moroccan Oil boost. I wanted to take that home!

Jackie, Tin and Jon

Marcie of Love and Light Productions

Dior and Marcie

I enjoyed my time at the salon, chatting with friends, getting my nails done. The place felt like home. The people accommodating and nice. A day well-spent indeed.

And at the end of the treatment, I got what I wanted. A day at the salon with my hair colored to a darker hue, my nails renewed and worthy again of an open-toes sandals. I went home void of the morning sickness and queasiness and the boyfriend thought I was a different person. Different but definitely different gorgeous!

I loved how it turned out! I'm back in my raven mane and looking more polish. My hair looks a lot healthier and I feel more confident about my hair. It looks as if it's going to less manageable. I would have gotten the Keratin Therapy, a chemical-free Brazilian Blowout that had so much amazing results based from my friends makeover, but I wasn't sure if it's okayu for my current state. Maybe after giving birth. :)

There's a reason why Louis Phillip Kee is sought after, it's not just for the treatment, it's the service, the expertise and the ambiance. Everything fell into place for Louis Phillip Kee in C5 Acropolis. Wishing them furitful years in this new location. :)

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