Tropical Delight Body Treatment at the New Fifth Season Spa

The Fifth Season Spa
3F Astoria Plaza, Escriva St. Ortigas, Pasig 
Tel. 687-1111 / 381-6899/910-0270

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. A day designed for one to stay indoors. But Pevonia had other ideas for me that day. Something better. They invited me over to the newly opened spa located at the 3rd floor of Astoria Plaza, named the Fifth Season. A quaint, well-designed escape for urbanites like me who can't afford the 24 drive out of town.

The place was serene. 

Upon entering, they had me do a hand-cleansing rituals at the posh sink at the middle of the room. The water was calming and the lavender scented dead sea rock salt was fragrant. They made me see all the rooms and had me choose which one I prefer the most. I was luckily the lone client during that afternoon so I had dibs on all the rooms. Ahhh.. that alone was treat! There are five massage rooms at Fifth Season Spa. Four of the rooms are names after the 4 seasons, Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring. The fifth, in which they call the Fifth Season is the largest and designed for couples while the rest are for single patients.

No surprise that when I took a peek of which room, each were designed aptly by its namesake. A cool mint blue for Winter, a pale one for Fall, yellow for Summer and Green for Spring. The Fifth Season was painted in dorian grey. The rooms all feel so comfortable to stay in. But it was easy enough to choose a room for me. Want to find out which one I picked? Read on.

I settled quite comfortably at the Winter room.

Quite the contrast though since my room was snow-inspired while the treatment I was to enjoy that day was called Tropical Delight. It's a anti-aging body scrub with massage specially designed by Pevonia. And if there's one thing to expect when you see Pevonia in your spa's roster of partners is luxury. Tropical is definitely not an exception.

What is Tropical Delight?

Experience pure tropical bliss with this full body treatment designed for you! An aromatic scrub with papaya-pineapple fruit extracts smooth, refine and brighten skin, followed by a soothing massage to ease aches and tension.
90 minutes / Php 2,200

"I needed this." was all that I could say when my masseuse started with the body scrub and I breathe in the zesty scent of pineapple and papaya! I was in spa heaven. Pevonia body scrubs are made with salt scrub. It is rough but nothing that a sensitive skin like mine can't handle. I lost track of time but the treatment seemed to have lasted quite awhile and I thought the massage part was already part of the scrub. I was wrong. After my masseuse invigorating my skin and removed all the traces of dead skin and layers of dirt lingering, I was asked to shower and already I felt the difference when I washed off the scrub. My skin feels smoother, so soft and lighter. That's a normal reaction every after body scrub but the test that after a few days, my skin still feels and looks the same!

The massage was incredible. Pevonia provided the Fifth Season with an organic peppermint scented oil for the treatment that I am now addicted to! I enjoyed it so much that I refuse to fall asleep during the soothing massage and just inhale the the wondrous scent. But I did doze off in the end, my masseuse was that good.

Aside from that, Fifth Season's ambiance music was so relaxing. It played citars that had me transported India making me feel like a princess during the whole treatment.

I was definitely rejuvenated. I should have felt languid and ready to go back home to sleep the rest of the day away... but instead I chose to go to the mall and have a date with boyfriend. Tropical Delight was indeed a delightful way to start a beautiful evening with my future husband. I was relaxed, the stress was lifted off of my shoulder thanks to the expert hands of my Fifth Season massesue. The peppermint massage oil cooled my body to a balanced tempetature so I can take the humidity that rainy weather was giving and the scrub invigorated my skin entirely.

Body scrubs and massages is a luxury anybody can afford now. But I've learned through the course of my years that the best ones are done with people who creates an atmosphere for you, allow you to transport and forget, and definitely use products especially designed to give ultimate relaxation and transformation.

For days when I feel I needed to remind myself  that I am special and that I need to show it, I visit spa like the Fifth Season.

I took the liberty to take photos of the beauty that is the Fifth Season Spa, please feel free to tour them through my images. You'll also find the list of Pevonia exclusive treatments offered in this spa. Take you pick. Which  room would you choose to stay in?

Pevonia Botanica Treatments at Fifth Season Spa…

90 minutes / Php 1,800
Exude a smooth, youthful, radiant glow with this facial treat! Green Apple brightens while Carrot Oil and Kaolin purifies and hydrates – leaving skin wonderfully rejuvenated.

60 minutes / Php 1,200
Immediately restore lost moisture with this luxurious facial treatment! This corrective treatment increases collagen synthesis to help repair aged or unbalanced skin conditions and nourishes unhealthy looking skin. Rich in vital moisture feeding anti-oxidants and vitamins, this facial will heal, nourish and renew. 

30 mins / Php 650
Enjoy the skin rejuvenating benefits of this introductory skin care treatment. Deep cleansing and refreshing, this facial will give your skin an instant boost!

90 minutes / Php 2,200
Experience pure tropical bliss with this full body treatment designed for you! An aromatic scrub with papaya-pineapple fruit extracts smooth, refine and brighten skin, followed by a soothing massage to ease aches and tension.

Winter Room, my favorite

Autumn Room

Summer Room

Spring Room

The Fifth Season, the couple's room.

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