ISKIN Transformation Kit Review | Part 2

It's been a month since I first tried ISKIN New York that I got from Flawless. Two weeks in, I've seen great improvements with my skin. It feels a lot smoother, there were less breakouts and I couldn't be more relieved! When it comes to fulfilling the promise of giving my skin the best result, ISKIN did its job flawlessly.

Selfie is more fun with clear skin, right?

You know why I know this? In the past month that I was using ISKIN, I skipped using it for a couple of times and my skin broke out! I went out of town and forgot to pack the ISKIN (I didn't have time to transfer them to travel-size bottles). Day One, my skin was alright but come Day 2 bumps showed up proving that my skin needs intervention to stop acne from forming.

When I used this set again, in just matter of hours (applied products at night), the next morning, the acne already subsided! It didn't disappear but at least it wasn't as ginormous as the previous day. ISKIN is that good for pimple-ridden skin.

Going to the mall without makeup isn't a bad thing anymore. :)

ISKIN also improved wrinkles on my forehead that I don't feel that huge line whenever I raise my brows But what blew me away is how it lightened my stubborn post-acne marks. Getting a hormonal acne or two isn't so bad knowing that as it heals, ISKIN also helps lighten it.

I know that the set might be too much for many of you and it is after all pricey but coming from someone who used up most of her savings and earnings going to the doctor for treatments and prescriptions, I can say that this just might be what you need to try to finally see good results for your skin.

There will be times that drugstore won't do and your acne and other skin problems just might be more stubborn that it needs more than your regular pimple-fighting product. And quite honestly, compared to Obagi Nuderm, ISKIN New York is a few thousands cheaper.

Help your skin heal with proper nutrition and right amount of sleep, too. While using ISKIN, I also did my share of juicing, drank milk and ate more veggies which I think contributed to my now glowing skin. Iwas sleeping early, smoking less and I'm now currently 6 days smoke-free! Yey! I figured that I'm spending too much on the skincare that I might have to cut back on the junk food and cigs. Lol.

Caring for the skin is not an easy task for unfortunate ladies like myself who battles with cystic pimples, large pores and oily skin. There will be struggles, hits and misses and pain. But if you are patient, positive and maintain that level of belief in yourself (coupled with saving your extra moolah for better products), then you are halfway to getting that radiant glowing smooth skin.

I know I am!

ISKIN Transformation Kit (Php17,000) is exclusively available at Flawless.

To know more about ISKIN, visit Flawless Website and keep up to date with their offerings and news  via their facebook page (

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  1. Hi Miss Shen! This must be really worth it! You have very nice skin. Oh, it's been a while since I last commented, I don't know what's happening but sometimes I don't see the comment box here on my computer, hope you can check this out since I miss commenting on your posts :).....


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