Black It Is: Search For Your Perfect Little Black Dress

"The Little Black Dress is not just a fashion accessory. It's an institution - an iconic fashion symbol." 
Marigay McKee, Harrods fashion and beauty director

When in doubt, wear black. That's what I always say. At the very least to myself. When you realize that you've been letting yourself go and notice how much you've gained weight. It makes you really feel bad. Then there are those who would put you down by mean words. Then, you'd rather wear a sack of potatoes than even try to step into a mall.

I've been there, I've done that. Dressing up my size has not been a walk in the park but the past few months has been so fun. I started visiting SM Ladies' Wear and have noticed how well the designs of the clothing at the department stores suits my shape, lifestyle and fashion preference.

The Little Black Dress is always going to a be staple in a woman's wardrobe. I've invested in e one or two that flatters my body but as the fashion evolves, so does this classic piece. I've been to SM quite a few times and have seen this specific dress dress at Folio and thought to myself that it is exactly how a fashion forward LBD should be. 

How does one find the right Little Black Dress?
  1. Fit it. As long as you see something you, even if it's not your style, take it off the rack and fit it! You'll never know how a dress would look on you until you fit it. Take advantage of the spacious fitting rooms of SM and do take your time.
  2. Go for those with slimming lines. One that accentuates your curves instead of adding to it. Take this dress for example. The Asian details at the middle of the dress makes for a slimming silhouette. Similar to the popular Stila McCartney dress Kate Winslet wore at Carnage. It gives an illusion I have smaller girth. 
  3. Have patience. Searching for that perfect LBD may take you quite a while. It took me three SM visits to finally decide on this perfect black dress. And since fashion is still in the Summer, SM didn't have that much LBD's available.
  4. Have fun. An LBD is classic for a reason. It take s away the second-guessing. it's the dress you should feel most comfortable in and with a lot of confidence. So as you look for one, don't be shy to walk around in it. To twirl and see how the fabric works with your body. 

Dress: Folio at SM Ladies' Fashion, Php1499.95

Cocktail bag (Php499.95), brocade bangle (Php279.95)and connecting rings (Php199.95): SM Accessories;
Watch: Rado for Women (my Mom's)

Another great thing about the LBD is that you can never over or under accessorize it! For the formal event I went to, I chose gold and black accessories I got from SM Accessories last year.

Shoes: Parisian (Php599.95)

As for the shoes, can you believe that I got these for only P600? Got it on sale during the mid-year sale! The gold capped details paired well with the dragon details of the dress while the shade is my favorite!

All these tips are for nothing if you don't have confidence in yourself. So wear like you have a three men walking behind you and you're about to meet your destiny! :)

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Location: Annabel's at Tomas Morato
Post sponsored by SM Ladies Fashion

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