The Makeup Look: Coachella-Inspired

Although I'm not a concert-going person, one thing I love about going to these parties are the fashion and makeup.

So instead of partaking in the merriment (or rather the inevitab;e icky sweat and all-night standing up), I just chose to be inspired by the looks I've seen the moment I got the Revlon Photoready Primer and Shadow in Bohemian. Inspired by the modernized hippie looks of laces, tans and greens, Bohemian seems to be the perfect palette to use. :)

Let me talk about the texture of the palettes first. I've had a chance to try 3 shades and like most Revlon palettes, it's at par with high-end brands. It's pigmented and has impressive modern shades. Not at all chalky and powdery. Unfortunately  I can't seem to get the primer part. I'm not sure if they mean it as a primer to help with the creasing or primer as awash or base to help bring out the colors. I think it's the latter.

Revlon suggests we wet the shadows to get more intensity. But given my experience with their former palette, it hasn't always pan out to be a good idea as the shadow hardens and makes it more difficult for me to use it.

So I used it as is, following the instructions they provided at the back of the palette. And I like the result. You can see the color pay-off well and for about Php895, it's not so bad. Bohemian make look a bit too shocking but if you're out to try something new you can definitely try this out. What I like is that even without the minty shadow, you can use this palette for every makeup look.

And they register well on cameras. Photoready indeed.

have you tried the new Revlon Photoready Primer and Shadow. What's your favorite?

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