Lived All Out at LABORacay Weekend

When Smart invited me to Boracay to "Live All Out" I was scared that it will be about activities and sports. And so I warned Kim and Abbie ala Fat Amy, "Don't put me in for cardio." Besides, it was labor day weekend and I just wanted to have fun under the sun. Can you blame me? :)

But I was so relieved that the invitation was MY version of Live All Out.

Lounging in the beach, playing in the sand, drinking mojitos, pigging out on seafood and steak. But as expected, Smart had tons of activities for all people lucky enough to be there that weekend. Seeing as how people were these doing such daring things, I thought why not do one as well!

Like make sand angels! Bloggers were dared by Smart twitter followers to do some pretty awesome stuff and we all got to participate. At first, I wasn't keen on doing it but after seeing how much fun my fellow bloggers had, I got excited. And so instead of making sand angels... I became a bee!! :) I was so game to win, I flapped my arms like crazy ! So if you were watching the livestream, I'm sure you got to see how much I was making a fool of myself. LOL!

So to whoever tweeted that dare,
congrats! You just took me out of my shell and made me truly Live All Out! And because of that I got to swim on the pristine waters of Boracay! With the numbers of activities in Boracay, you'd be surprise that I barely get to enjoy the beach..

And who could blame me when our digs has built-in pool access. Thanks to lovely and very meticulous peeps of Smart, they made sure that we live all out every minute spent in Boracay that they booked us a room in Boracay Garden's newest wing! Formerly Seraph hotel, Boracay Garden is located in Station 2, just right where everything is (D'Mall, parties, great restos) but quiet and private enough when I chose to stay one on our first night enjoyed enjoyed Boracay the best way I know how... swimming in between sips from my glass of mojito.

Living all out doesn't have to be all fun and games. For me, it's indulging in quiet time, enjoying my pool access view, watching the water ripple while listening to the best vacay tracks on 8 tracks app. It's having some quality time for yourself and just forgetting all the stress and worries of Manila.

Yes, I can say that at that certain point.. I lived. I didn't feel like a robot that I am when I'm at work. I can feel the breeze tingling my skin and the gentle wave of water against my legs..

Living all out is also getting to try something new. So Paraw Sailing it is, baby! We let the wind (literally) take us where it wants to go and enjoy the scenic view of the epic Boracay sunset. One of the best I've seen in years. I felt so alive looking at how the sky give way to the night. God indeed is the great architect and the great artist. The slow movement of the sun made the sky a mix of coral, white and aquamarine that only He can create. It was majestic and it made a bit dramatic because God was the view so majestic!

Good thing I had my camera with me that time so I got to take a few photos of it.. but it doesn't compare to what I saw. You should have been there.

Being with fellow bloggers made the trip more fun and memorable. There's the lovely Alyssa, beauty overload Vern and Verniece and myself. Entertainment bloggers Jeng, Richard, Edsel and Flow whom I'm so glad to get to know during this trip! :) They've got the juiciest chicka ever!

Living all out is not letting any moment pass and recognizing those that are worth keeping. As much as I like to party, I like the small moments in between that I got to see friends, dance to my ultimate fave song (thanks to the hot DJ Callum) and of course, shots with friends. It's the details in between when you sing-a-long with a friend and you laugh how much you know the lyrics.

I'm so glad that I was game for anything and didn't let my awkward age stop me from partying and enjoying the night with friends. In the end, I got to meet awesome people that I enjoy talking to and can't wait to bond with more now that I'm back in Manila.

I always tell that you should be more confident, more loving and easy on yourself. With how much this blog is all about beauty, I hope I tell you enough that beauty is living your life to the fullest and not letting anything get in the way. Not when a person tells you that red lipstick doesn't suit you or that you're too vain for putting on makeup.

Nothing should ever let you down. And if there is, be the first person to help yourself get back on your feet and enjoy what's left of the race. I don't often have the confidence I show on this blog. I,too, have my share of sulkiness and insecurities... but if this trip thought me one thing, it's never too late to change and live your life the way you want it.

So, cheers to this wonderful summer and cheers to living all out!!

I leave you with one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen... 

Thanks to the Smart Digital Team, A, T, K, Y and I for making this summer one to remember! I never thought I'd be in Boracay during it's most fun and busiest time. So glad you took me with you and let me experienced what living all out in Boracay truly means!

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