How I Cook It: Butter Garlic Shrimp

Here's me sharing one of my favorite things to do... cooking. Somewhere inside this beauty-addicted girl is a Nigella Lawson wannabe. I remember watching a lot of cooking show back when I didn't know the difference between a cream or powder foundation. 

Four years in of independence has allowed me to explore a little of being a domesticated goddess and trying some recipes that I've always enjoyed eating when I was young.

In the Gee household, mom was able to juggle her work as well as prepare delicious meals in time for dinner. During weekends, she had marinades waiting to be cooked and enjoyed by me and my dad. Mom was a great cook and I always have her as an inspiration whenever I find myself in front of the stove.

Last Friday, I had a craving for butter garlic shrimp and so I asked yaya to get me some prawns to cook the next morning. But 'lo and behold, she got the tiny tiny shrimps that made me think of shrimp sauce. Ron and I had to run to SM Hypermart just to get it! Good thing SM had fresh prawns swimming inside those grocery acquariums! They were so fresh, the tiny creatures were jumpring while we I yaya was deveining them. 

But then again, that's how you want your seafood, fresh and alive just before cooking it! I used basic ingredients. I've cooked Butter Garlic Shrimp a number of times but since it's been awhile since I cooked it, I didn't trust myself to go bam! and pow! and just stuck to the usual.

That's margarine and butter, a bit of oil, oyster sauce, salt and pepper to taste, cayenne pepper for spice and minced garlic. I suggest using fresh garlic and not the powder version. I added a bit of basil leaves to make the taste a bit more sosyal. lol!
1 Kilo of Medium-size shrimps
2 Whole Garlic (minced)
1/2 margarine
1/2 cup of Butter
4 tablespoon of olive oil (any type of oil)
5 tablespoon of oyster sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dash of basil leaves or cilantro

Butter Garlic Shrimp is easy to cook. Believe me, if I can cook so can you! It's the deveining and mincing that will take you a bit of time. :) But it's worth it. The BF and I enjoyed this dish so much, we ate for over an hour! It's a great meal to over the weekend when you're resting, eating with your hands and enjoying a good film. This goes so well with a hot steaming rice or pandesal.

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know if you like to know more of the dish I know how to cook. :) lol!

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