T. LeClerc Loved By You Spring 2013 Collection | Pin-Up Style Inspired

Falling in love with Summer as it slowly makes its presence aware. And though the heat makes most of us hate it, I can't deny that seeing some sunshine make me smile more. And you've got to agree that collections during Spring/Summer is sooo much more fun than Fall/Winter, right?

Take a look at what Theophile LeClerc whipped up for this year's 2013! Revival of the 1950's Pin-up Style that reminds me of Stepford Wives, Sailorettes and Panam Stewardesses. 

T. LeClerc eyeshadow (Php995) is surprisingly pigmented. Etoile or star is a deep indigo blue that great for creating that false crease or just accentuating your lower lash line.

Marilyn is a great name for this T. LeClerc transparent lipstick (Php795). It's silky and pigmented and glides on easily. It has a bit of a sheen so it's not as true to the matte lipstick that 1950's ladies use to wear. But you'll love the moisturizing feel of this lipstick. Remember though to exfoliate your lips for a smoother application.

Another favorite is Essentiel, a subtle pink shade. Like Marilyn and the rest of the T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick collection, the slight sheen provides gloss effect. Although this one settles on the lip lines, I suggest to exfoliating your lips for a smoother effect.

Loved by You Collection, inspired by 1950's Pin-Up Style is good idea to sport this Summer. There's nothing like red lipstick to attract more sunny smiles. 

Loved by You Collection from T. LeCrec is now available at Rustan's Department Store.

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