Nivea Summer Blast | Nivea Cool and Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist Goes to Puerto Princesa

Ask me to go to the beach and I would always say yes,

Exactly what I did when Nivea Philippines peeps asked me to join them at their Nivea Summer Blast at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The instant I said yes, my mind was already lounging by the shore, sipping mojitos.

Can you believe that just a few days before our trip, I got sick? I had to rush all the tests I needed to do to make sure I was fit to travel. My doctor in the end, encouraged the out of town trip and said to consider this a long overdue vacation.

I can only nod with agreement. Not to mention that Palawan was in my bucket list of places to visit. And being the anti-travel that I am, that is saying a lot. Want to more about my trip, read on!

Happy that I wasn't the lone blogger in the trip, dearies Marj Sia, Martha Sta. Barbara and Mikki Galang was part of people invited to join in at the event as well. So ecstatic to spend time with them since vacationing and visiting a new place is always great when you're with company, good one at that.

Mikki Galang, Regina Belmonte for Cosmo, Martha Sta. Barbara, myself, Marj Sia, Ira Nopuente for Style Bible
The flight went without a hitch and we even to filled up our bellies at this quaint resto in Puerto Princesa. Although the hour and half drive to the serene Sheridan Resort proved to be a feat for most of us. It was like a roller coaster ride, or what we jokingly called the Temple Run road....

The rough road was all worth passing through when we got to reach the Sheridan Beach Resort. It was breath taking, the place incredibly huge with flags of Nivea lined up along the road, enticing us of what's about to happen in this 3 days, two nights vacation..

Before catching the beauty of the whole resort, friends from Nivea asked us to join them at one of huge hall of Sheridan for a short press con. I obligingly agreed to be seated down, I needed to anyway after that rough drive. We were welcomed and finally, was introduced to the star of the whole event...

The Nivea Protect and Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist. The first of its kind and definitely the first here in the Philippines that provides the right amount of sun protection and a refreshing feel of the mist that cools your body from the strong heat beating down your skin.

Beauty Trivia: Did you know that our skin can tolerate only up to SPF 50? Additional SPF over 50 is negligible Protection and that FDA in the US already prohibited brands from labeling their sunscreen protection with anything more than SPF 50.

The reason being that studies provide the increased sun protection is actually dangerous to the skin and may cause skin and tissue damage, worst hormone disruption.

Learning such from the Nivea media conference makes me less anal about my sun protection and run to nearest Watsons when there's a higher SPF out there. Now I know better.

And having this right amount of sun protection inside a light tin of cooling mist that feels ultra refreshing on my skin is probably one of the greatest finds this year and lucky I am to have found it just before the scourching heat of the Manila Summer hit my city or when I do the beach.

During our day, we only got to test the texture and it was LOVE! No kidding, there is a light floral scent to it unlike any other sunscreen I've tried. I suggest skipping the summer perfume when using this. You won't need it. It dries down matte and true to it's label, cooling! Great for those who are a frequent victim of sunburn.

What I like best about this? You don't have to wait too long to play under the sun. No 20 minute waiting time. Spray, spread and see how your skin absorbs it. Then hit the beach or lounge at the pool like I did during our last afternoon at the Sheridan Resort.

For our first evening, Nivea also indulged the kids inside us by inviting us to light up lanterns and decorate the sky with our wishes. It was truly an experience for me, with these guys helping me along with my friends, Martha, Marj and Ira. It was breathtaking seeing my lantern soar. Being in that place was a wish come true as it is.

That, margaritas and great conversations until about 12 midnight, made the first night in Palawan a memorable night.

The next day was a lot of fun,too. Despite doctor's orders to take it easy, I just had to join in on the fun activities. Not when the prize is a chance to help out a charity cause. And well, it was a chance to enjoy the scenic view of Sabang Beach. The shore is spectular and the mountain view seemingly out of a National Geogrphic feature. So proud to be a Filipino living in such lush country.

Just before the game started, men and women started to get sorted into their teams and we all tried the protection of Nivea Protect and Refreshing Invisible Cooling Mist. The sun was very giving that day. It shone brightly and we just loved it.

Jon Hall -- in his may-ibaba-pa-ba-ang-short-mo look. :)

Archie, that guy that plays basketball and Ketchup

Hotness Luis Alandy

Ira and Raisa  getting ready to have fun!

New BFF Melo Balingit! We miss you already!

Jon Hall equally hot GF, i forgot her name. :)

Karla H, Liss K, Camille Co and that guy.

Everybody's eager to start the games!

Not too impressed with his Tat but damn that body is hawt!

Paolo Paraiso making sure he's protected from the sun!!

Bianca Valerio's enjoying the cool mist of Nivea Protect and Refresh.

I became a part of the Blue Team with the hot athletic Jon Hall as our team leader. How lucky are we, right?

And guess who's in the team with me, the lovable Marj Sia!

Here we are planning our spray attack on Jon Hall. Well, we were just making sure he's protected from the harsh heat of the sun. LOL!

And though we didn't get win in the end (we came in second!), I get to enjoy the trip immensely and sunburn free! Woot!!

While everyone was belting out during Rockeoke during dinner and then dancing to the mean beats of Mars Miranda, the friendships and I chose to chat the evening away with ice cold beer and Stax inside Martha and Marj's suite.

So tired I was I missed my last morning in Puerto Princesa. Sheridan has such soft bed and really good room service that I didn't mind at all. I had a great time. My BF even wondered if I went to the beach at all since I hardly tanned... despite all that sun exposure during our fun activities, imagine!

Goes to show that Nivea Protect and Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist is the best sunscreen to use this summer!

I was eager to get back to my old bed.. but I must admit that I think I left a piece of me in the shores of Sabang Beach in Puerto Princesa. It's a great place to spend a serene time with yourself. Exactly what I did while nursing my Chocolate Milkshake and off and on spraying myself with Nivea Protect and Refresh...

Thanks, Nivea Philippines, for taking me with you in this fun and exciting trip. It's a trip of a lifetime, if you ask me. I felt incredibly protected and refreshed that I was ready to take on another grueling work week! Love you, guys!

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