Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Thick Shampoo | Volume without the Frizz

As far as I can remember, I have always had long hair. I did became a little adventurous here and there and cut my hair short from time to time, once in college and once in high school but would always run back to the longer tresses. With long hair, you get to do a lot of things and I since I started to learn how to curl my hair, I vowed to keep this mane Rapunzel-like as long as I could.

But damn is my hair too thick, it's such a pain. I hate it sometimes. For years, I've always opted to have it rebonded (in-salon chemical hair straightening procedure) to make it easier to manage and for it to feel lighter. It weighs down my head and can often be a source of headache. I'd resort to having it pony-tailed or in a messy bun just so I can live with it.

My hair care maintenance would always consist of straightening and making sure it tames my Merida-ish frizz, from shampoos, conditioners to my hair serums.

So who would have thought that I would love the NEW Kersatase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Thick Shampoo?

Totally surprised myself here since I barely need volume. But having had introduction to the basic hair styling, volume and frizziness are two different things, my ladies. Shampoo can often be the cause of hair dryness and what could possibly be the beginning of split ends. Lately, since getting my hair permed, I learned to choose only shampoos that are SLS and paraben-free, Kerastase Cristalliste is exactly that. It doesn't weigh my hair down unlike cheap shampoos out there and my hair looks a lot healthier than it really is.

And since using this shampoo, I notice that my curls are way bouncier and my hair has got a more vavavoom volume making my efforts to curl my hair a lot more worth it.

Although they say that this shampoo is great for virgin hair (hair that isn't marred with chemical treatments), glad to say that it works well even with my very much chemical-ridden hair. I use this along with the Keratase Elixir Ultime serum and my hair just love it.

Kerastase Cristalliste comes with variants good for both fine or thick hair, so you've got your choices handed out to you. If you've been suffering from dry limp hair with oily roots, I advise grabbing this line and let your hair try out.

In short, if you have oily scalp and roots but have dry end then the Kerastase Cristalliste is the range for you.

Beauty Trivia: Did you know that Kerastase Cristalliste is inspired by the Blake Lively's long mane of her character in Gossip Girl, Serena Vanderwoodsen. Her hair has been coveted by many of us and we've got to admit we've tried copying it. And though we know that it took a lot of hairstyling to get to those locks, we envy how effortless it looks.

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