Childhood Reminiscing with the Smart Imagine TVC

When I was young, these guys... they were my life. Since there was no internet or itunes. We listened to the radio and waited for their songs to play. We called in and voted for them to be on the top spot. We bought their albums, from tapes to CD's. Lined up for their concerts and took blurry pictures of them through our analog cams.

Their songs, they were the soundtrack of my life. I was a die hard Rivermaya and Eraseherheads fan. Firewoman by Barbie was my break up anthem. Oh yeah! I see a lot of you agreeing. :)

For a time, I thought that I wouldn't be able to hear them sing or create music again with all the technology eating up the music scene. But seeing them take advantage of it and ignite their creativity... now, that's what I call making music history.

And I'm glad that you kids can see the artists I looked up to when I was young... er. :)

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  1. ohh wow! Seeing all 3 of them together gives me goosebumps! I miss the music back then! :(


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