4 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day | A Single's Survival Tips

Valentine's Day is just not about couples. It's all kind of love and that includes love for one's self. If you find yourself alone on the Heart's day, here's a few suggestions that I think you'd enjoy. :) But first, Stay away from love songs, movie marathon of love themed movies and sweets!

Read on!

1. Go get a facial

Nothing like getting that favorite facial from your favored facialist.

I rely on both Belo and Flawless for really good facials. Contrary to popular beliefs, belo is very affordable and run only a few hundred pesos higher compared and you're sure to get your money's worth.

If on a tight budget and just need a quick fix, no appointment needed, Flawless offers reasonable pricing on their facials. Their Nano Peel is only Php2,200 last time I checked.

2. Manicure and Pedicures is definitely a cure!

an all hands and foot spa to rest your hardworking hands and feet!

Another great treat for you is to get a manicure and pedicure. Nothing like getting your nails done to and soaking your feet in essential oils and bubbles to ease the stress of what this occasion may bring. Especially to our relationship-challenged ladies.

Try something new even! Denise here (she's my lovely friend), tried the new gel polish that lasts longer than a regular polish. Oh! Doesn't hurt to bring a fellow GF who don't care for Valentine's either.

3. Get a massage! a long one!

Transport yourself to serenity and indulge for an hour or two of good muscle kneading from your favorite masseuse.

For a spa, choose one that has less frills to help you ease into the serene feel. I like Ki Spa for it's minimalist interiors. And they don't scrimp on the service. An hour or two here is all you need to feel rejuvenated.

On a budget, I like Nuat Thai. It's a simple massage place (which has several branches) that also provides good service. :)

 4. Visit your favorite salon for a new look!

It may not be a good look but if you've been thinking of getting a new hair color or cut, then this is the good time to get one!

If the last time you visited the salon was last year, then it's high time you go get your hair a new look from your favorite stylist. I love Bench Fix for it's reasonably priced services. Creations by Lourd Ramos and Salon Beauvoir for its warm and great services. Wow everyone with your new look and they will forget about teasing you about your NBSB Status.


I always believed (even when I was single) that there is nothing like spoiling yourself to bits. You don't need a man to make you feel special or give you that attention. For me, that only means that you're not giving yourself enough of it. :) I love starting with myself and see where it takes me.

And besides, we work (or study) hard that I think that Valentine's Day is definitely the best day to have that quality time for ourselves.

Remember, stop the pity party. You always have a chance to change your outlook in life. Choose to feel sorry for yourself or choose to indulge and start loving yourself for a change.

I just know that most of you will choose the latter! That's the kind of women Shen's Addiction readers are! Am I right? :)

Share your Singles Survival tips below! I'd love to read all about it!

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  1. Hindi ka naman single eh! Hahaha. Kidding. Nice read for us single ladies. I badly want to de-stress na rin.

  2. Lanie Pregoner14/2/13 7:14 AM

    Tama nga naman. Vday is not just for lovers. Hehe My single girl friends and I had a pre valentine's date on feb. 13. We had dinner, videoke, kinect, and had mani-pedi together. It was really fun and we did it the day before Vday to avoid the lover's rush in the street on feb. 14. :)

  3. Apir Ms.Shen! Valentines is not just for couples, it's all about LOVE and we should love ourselves first and it starts with self worth. I love this idea Ms.Shen! a full make over for Valentines! Happy Hearts Day! <3

  4. I've been single for almost 4 years now and I'm definitely enjoying it. I've tried the suggestions listed here and I agree that self love is another best form of love. HAHA. I also agree that I don't need a man/ BF to feel special. I'm happy that last Valentines my agents gave me flowers. That made me feel really special. I think as long as we do good people will always makes us feel special. I'm glad to survive another Valentines day. I know that sooner that special someone will come and it will be another story. Thanks for the suggestions Ms Shen. I will always keep them in mind..


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