The Best Makeup Brush Set for 2012 | Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

Raise your hands if you're not surprised! Yep.. I see lots of hands. :)

But who wouldn't make this their 2012 best brush set? Most of us clamored when Charm launched it's newest and most coveted makeup brush set ever, the Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set... the familiar, quality-filled brushes in it's most luxurious packaging!

I am not kidding when I say I can live this brush set alone. Travel Pro, in my honest opinion, is the best gift to any beauty addict like me. I look at it now and I still get the giddy girly feel as I touch the golden ferrules and the soft hair. This set alone can turn any girl into a woman. I like how it gives her the confidence to explore beauty. 

Nothing like a blending brush and encil-point brush to assure you that you can achieve the proper gradation of eye shadows for both your upper and lower lid. So, go on! Finally get to try that smokey eyes makeup look!

Gel liners fear is a thing of the past, not when you can choose between the flat liner or the bent liner brush to finally perfect the winged tip effect.

Contouring? Easy with the angled brush blush that fits right on the hallows of your cheeks for that flawless wipe.

Charm did the beauty world (or at least the Philippines) a favor when it brought all these brushes together and created the Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set.

If you have any plans of buying a brush set, I definitely recommend and vouch for this one.

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  1. The only brush set I owed is from Suesh way back when I am still in makeup school... I haven't tried other brush sets since cause I usually buy individual brushes to avoid buying sets with brushes I don't usually use... but sonia charm travel pro looks really nice...


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