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I LOVE: Zen Zest Earth Perfume


Zen Zest continues to surprise me with every use and every product that I try. I also surprise myself sometimes with how I've been changing lately.

For example, I've been obsessed with anything green lately when I swore off that color when I was younger. Now I gravitate to the shades of nature. It is unbelievable! And quite recently, I've been attracted to musky and scents. Definitely something I'm surprised to t And that's exactly what Earth from Zen Zest is.

The scent comes off a bit strong at first spray but it settles in a sophisticated scent after awhile. It's definitely a grown-up lady-like scent. And though I initially prefer citrus-base ones, Earth fragrance, I've grown to love. It has that lingering notes that I can't get enough of.

And for Php280 a bottle, it's a small luxury that we can certainly afford! And who doesn't love to smell great?

What fragrance surprised you lately? What's your favorite from Zen Zest? :)

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2 fab comments

  1. I'm surely gonna love this perfume. This must be a perfect combination on my pheromone cologne. :)


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