Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sun Shorts: 1945 | A True Love Story

Hope comes in many forms. It may not exactly what you prayed for, but there's always going to be an answer. Coming from a very tragic background, this film spoke to me in volumes. Jun Reyes brought to life a Sun Life story during the World War II and interpretedit through a love story. With the sun that keeps on shining, who can say what will happen the next day?

Make sure you have a tissue at hand. This one brought tears to my eyes.. Angel Aquino did a great job. Kuddos to everyone who worked on this short film.

I can't wait for the next 4 Sun Shorts!


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Benefit's Bella Bamba Keeps Me Blushin'

Who doesn't love a pinkish peachy glow? If you're ever in doubt of what blush to get, pink or peach... I'd advise you get a peachy pink! For me, it's the most flattering shade of blush on a Filipina skintone especially for those who have the same skintone as I do (medium fair to medium).

One of my favorite blush is Benefit Cosmetic's Bella Bamba Box 'O Powder.

What it says:  
a 3D brightening pink face powder.

Amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features with this 3D watermelon blush. Laced with shimmering gold undertones, bella bamba takes eye-popping pretty to the third dimension...you'll never use traditional blush again!

I still use traditional blush but I got to admit that Bella Bamba is always an easy pick at any given day, at any given occasion. It gives my cheeks the right pop of color! :)

When words fail me, you know I make it up with photos. :)

Yes, it comes with a brush, a very soft one at that, that is easy to use and give you the contouring you need for a three-dimensional look.

See how it highlights my cheeks, too?

What I love:

  • It's a very flattering shade of peach pink so almost all skin tone.
  • Can be paired with either pink or peach lipstick, bright or nude
  • Compact and easy to travel with
  • Comes with a very soft versatile brush
  • It's an almost highlighter and contour powder (I still use my matte bronzer)
  • Lasts forever! (well about a two months or so with 

What I don't:
  • Nothing! I love this blush!
Don't be scared with the shimmers, they are practically non existent once you apply it. :) Rather it has that sort of satin finish that give you a golden glow. :) You'll know what I mean once you've tried it. And if you already do have this, high five!

It's easy to feel beautiful when you're backed up with your favorite blush.

Here are some of the look where I used Benefit Bella Bamba Box 'O Powder Blush. :)

So if you're wondering what fancy thing you get yourself this payday... this is it! Grab yourself a Bella Bamba blush and start shakin' the maracas! :) Okay, I kid on the maracas part but I'm sure you understand my excitement over a blush. :)

Benefit Bellam Bamba Box 'O Powder Blush (Php1,800) is available at Benefit Boutique, Greenbelt 5 and Rustan's Shangri-la. 

While you're at it, go and have a me-time at their Brow Bar. Hit me up wif you're going there, I think my brows need some grooming, too. :)

Yes, this is almost similar to NARS Orgasm but a lot more pink and nearly like L'oreal True Match Blush in  True Rose but that one's peachy/orange-y. :)


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Disclaimer: Above product is provided for review. All that is written unless specified are 100% my opinion and/or the result of my addiction. If you don't see it here, I most likely have not tried it or if I did, it did not work for me. I do get dud products for review but for gratitude's sake, I choose to not provide my opinion unless I bought them or that it really ruined my skin.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Forever by Marian, Marian Rivera's First-Ever Fragrance

I open Monday to you with great news. Tupperware Brands' got a new endorser and it's the beautiful, fun and quirky Marian Rivera. I consider myself one of the lucky people to be able to talk to her during her Contract Signing with Tupperware Brands at M Cafe a week back.

My head filled with all the gossip rag talks about beautiful Marian Rivera on how she's a snob and masungit, I was taken aback with how nice she was. Upon entering M Cafe, she already exuded a bright sunshine of positivity, all smiles and perky!

When we got down to her interview, she was jolly eager to answer questions. She spoke of her recent trip to Spain to spend time with her father and the rest of his family. Marian had light in her eyes while she spoke of her father and the rest of her family.

Want to know what she does when she's not working? She spends time with her family like the rest of us. :) She brings her mom to the spa for a massage, shop and eat out. She seems to love spending time with her family. She says she finds time for herself, too, and of course for her boyfriend, the handsome Dingdong Dantes.

Marian takes her job seriously and have learned to adjust her attitude as the years go by, she learned how to become more professional. But she also can't deny who she  truly is and admits that emotions sometimes get in the way. She imparts that it's always good to walk away from the hurt and pain that others caused you. You can pleased everyone. Rather focus on your family, the people who love you, appreciate them and pray for those who cause you harm. Sooner or late they will come to know the real you, without judgement and they will love you for staying true.

Lots of wisdom for a woman who has been told she's not worth it. To me, during the interview, she's like a pixie and amazon all at the same time. Soft and gentle on the outside but full of strength and power from within.

Marian is her own person, that much can be said, There's no dilly-dallying with this woman. She knows what she wants and she knows that she deserves. Albeit unconventional, her not being so "mashowbiz" was a breathe of fresh air. No nonsense and extremely street-smart. She won't charm you with false words but rather charm you with her honesty and vigor.

Refreshing, indeed. Much like her very first fragrance, Forever by Marian. The scent of fruity floral is her bubbly personality wrapped in sophistication.  The wonderful scent wafted around the cafe that enamored the people at the event.

She chose to partner with Tupperware Brands Philippines as it captures exactly what she wants in her very first fragrance. A lot has offered this opportunity but Tupperware was the only one that gave her what she was looking for. And it couldn't be a better fit as TBPH are very excited to welcome her as their newest endorser. Her enchanting beauty and status as a celebrity is truly the perfect inspiration behind their latest range of exclusive fragrance.

Here are the photos I took of the event. :)

Popoy Caritativo, Marian Rivera and Tupperware Brands chief financial officer Cel Torres
Marketing director Charmane Abad, chief financial officer Cel Torres, VP for operations Mina Bato and HR director Jane Montilla

Please don't forget to credit Shen's Addiction if you use this photos! Please place a link, too! Thanks!

Forever by Marian is set to be released on September 2012, and you will see her on the new Tuppwerware bi-weekly brochures of the same month.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

FOREVER 21, Now in SM Mall of Asia!

Forever 21 opens its 5th store in our beautiful country, Philippines. Since it opened 2 years ago, it has been sating and quenching a lot of fashion thirst of many young men and women. Pinays and Pinoys had an easy time dressing up with the latest trends thanks to the up-to-date fashion and affordable pieces that Forever 21 provides.

Can we agree that nobody leaves that store with a big yellow bag filled with goodies? :)

Now, people down south can enjoy Forever 21 easily as it opens in SM Mall of Asia, Asia's biggest mall to date. And of course, it's always special when F21 launches another store. This time around there's a runway that leads up to the Forever21 on the second floor. 

Best dressed young mena nd women of the evening

Fall/Winter Collection of Forever 21

Free flowing Jamba Juice, Brownies and Krispy Kreme to keep everyone on sugar high.

Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Marketing Manager of Forever 21

Dior Co with her friend

Bestie Konisis

Accessories dominates this place!

Danica, Tracy and Dazzle

Aisa and Paul

With the Fashion Bloggers :)

David and Lissa, ambassadors of Forever 21 Philippines

With former colleague Margaux with her sister

Ana and fellow fashion blogger.

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

With Aisa. :) I love this girl!

Beauty and Fashion unite. :)

Obviously, we all have to shop when we are at Forever 21

No matter how long we have to wait in line. :)

Et moi! :)

It seems only yesterday when I covered the first Forever 21 store here in the PH, I even had a sneak peek! Oh how time flies indeed. Congratulations, Forever 21 Philippines! You're rockin' our tropical shores hard! :)

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Because Being a Bitch is Ballin' (Well, Sometimes...)

Raise your hands if you like to bitch out sometimes! :)
Here are some quotes I've been lovin' lately. :)

"You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. For instance if they're placed around your throat, she's probably slightly upset."

"Ever looked at your ex and wondered "Was I drunk the entire relationship?""

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together" - Liz Taylor

"I'm not arguing. I'm simply explaining why I'm right."

"You know it's going to be a great story when it starts off with "So this bitch..."

"Never leave the house in sweats. A girl must be prepared to meet a dashing stranger or old enemy."

"I hear good things happen to people who wait... So I'm going to be an hour late." - KW

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