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Online Shopping via Globe #GCASHAMEX | Win Clarisonic and Urban Decay Naked!


If you've never tried shopping at Sephora, well now's your chance!

With Globe Gcash American Express® Virtual Card, online shopping in the Philippines just reached new heights. Gone are the days that we're limited to buy anything we want. Seriously, now we can have it all! :)

As a veritable beauty addict, my love affair for cosmetics and skincare have always been a top most priority. I still remember shopping at wee hours of the night online shopping when i first got my credit card.

But it wasn't always see. I ran through some problems.

  • Some shops didn't accept our local credit cards
  • Some shops wouldn't ship here
  • Shipping via known couriers were expensive
  • Some of the things I bought got lost (or stolen in transit)
  • Post office charges too much tax!

But GREAT things come to those who patiently waits!! I can now shop from Sephora,,Target, Amazon and all!!! All thanks to Globe Gcash American Express Virtual Card®. Thank God I've been a GCASH member since it started and that I'm a Globe Postpaid Subscriber  It made made this experience a whole lot easier. Let me share you my story!

I just finally got myself the Makeup Forever Flash Color Case and a new Urban Decay Naked Palette 1! :)

And look what I got for you!! EXCITING!!

But before I tell you how you can win these goodies, I'll tell you first how I was able to buy them!

*You need to be a Globe GCASH subscriber before you can apply/sign-up for GCASH American Express Virtual Card.

Step 1: Log on to and sign up!
They've got one month fretrial so grab that chance now!

Step 2: Go to Globe Business Canter for your KYC requirement.

The only physical thing you would do is go to a Globe business center for their Know Your Customer requirement (This is important and you can't skip this!). They just have to meet you and know you're an actual person and you're good to go. Postpaid subscribers have it easy since they can just confirm their account by calling the Globe hotline. So if I were you, you're already at Globe, enroll for a postpaid account, too!

Oh! And don't forget to load up your GCASH wallet. :)

Once you've signed up, you'll receive a Globe Gcash American Express® Virtual Card Wallet that will contain all the details you need to shop. It will have your new AMEX Card number, card Expiry Date, US Address, US telephone number, My Shopping Box Login name and password.

Wonder where you'll find the security code

You can find that typing *143#:
Press 8 for GCASH

Press 2 for Request/Change Security Code

You'll receive a notification that will contain your security code -->

If you're on iPhone or Android, just download the Globe GCASH App. :)
You can change you security anytime to avoid card fraud. how cool is that?

My experience: It was so easy to sign up! I thought I was going to have a hard time but within the day, I was able to register and got my virtual wallet via e-mail. I didn't waste time at all and immoderately browsed

Step 3: Shop and pay with your Globe GCASH American Express® Virtual Wallet!

My experience: II visited, logged on to my account, chose the items I've always wanted to get for myself (and for my readers!), typed in the details needed using my Globe GCASH American Express® Virtual Card, then clicked PAY! That's it! So convenient and doesn't take so much of my time. All I got to do know is wait for my items to reach My Shopping Box US Address! :)

Step 4: Ship and pay for your products to arrive at your Philippine address!

My Shopping Box will tell you right away once your order's been shipped and you'll just have to choose how you want it to get to you, AIR or SEA. Choose Air if you want your products to arrive faster, SEA if you want it cheaper (but these can take a month). Pay also using your American Express account! :)

You can either choose sea or air. If you're not in hurry, you can xhoose sea. But i recommend air only because it's faster. Expensive, yes. But at least, you'll get your items almost immediately.

That's it! You're done! Globe GCASH American Express Virtual Card Wallet will definitely come in handy this BLACK FRIDAY SALE when US Stores go CRAZY!! :) You can now justify getting that

Here are some of the stores that have successfully accepted




GADGETS,,,,,,, iTunes (both US and Philippines)

MISC,,, (sports)

I still can't believe that I was able to shop at Sephora! I thought I'd forever rely on relatives to get me products that I want, when I want it. We all work very hard for a living, once in awhile, we want to reward ourselves for a job well done... or simply just because we really want something. It's makeup for me and it could be many million other things for you. The bottom line is, it's now all possible!

I can now buy the lens I've always wanted for my camera, I can now contemplate on saving up for an airbrush machine and I can get Urban Decay Products as soon as it comes out! How great is that? :)

I am just in awe at this point and I'm still reeling! And thanks to Globe GCASH, I can also share this wonderful experience with you guys! They've asked me to purchase some items that I think my readers would love and of course, I did just that!

What's the first thing you're going to buy with the new Globe GCASH American Express Virtual Card?

To Join:
  1. You must be a GLOBE Subscriber/user (with valid number)
    • Answer the questions  What's the first thing you're going to buy with the new Globe GCASH American Express Virtual Card? Type them at the comment section below.
    • Include Name and valid E-mail!
    • Links to the social media requirement below
  2. Share your answer via Facebook, include link to this blogpost! Follow and Tag
    • Example: "I can finally buy an iPad with the new Globe GCASH American Express Virtual Card!" (link to this blog post)"
  3. Tweet your answer, follow and tag me (@shensaddition), hashtag #globeamex and bitly link to this post!
    • Example: "I can buy an iPad! Thanks to #GcashAmex! Read all about it @shensaddiction's blog (link to blog)."
  4. For Philippine residents only.
  5. Winners must be willing to meet-up to claim the prize. Winners outside Manila will shoulder shipping fee.
  6. Contest ends on November 29, 2012, 11:59pm

There will be two winners, 
Winner of Clarisonic Mia worth $119!
Winner of Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 worth $50
Best answers (2) wins!

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