In Your Most Beautiful Version with Pond’s Age Miracle and Gold Radiance

They say that unlike women, men age better like wine. Like the true blue feminist that I am, there is nothing more that I love than to prove them wrong.

Because ladies, we too, can look better, even younger as we age!

Last November, 5, 2012 Professional Models Association of the Philippines and Pond’s, one of it’s co-presentor proved exactly that, when they celebrated their 25 years in the fashion and beauty worlds. Showcasing that together they can help look our best... now!

photo: Daniel Tan
Two pioneer members, Apples Aberin and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, are women who you wouldn’t imagine have been sashaying the catwalk for decades have been a loyal user of Pond’s Age Miracle! And it obviously have maintained that youthful look.

Another and I’m sure you will all agree is Tweetie De Leon, who still manage to look as flawless and lean as the first take in her role as Fey in Okay Ka! Fairy Ko! Meeting her a year ago proved that women do age gracefully and even exceeding natural expections. And seeing her again at the event proved that aging is road we can choose not to take.

Women work hard everyday, for their careers, their family and of course, in the way they look. We can only thank our predecessors for having the foresight to give our generation the best in order to care of ourselves. We all know that eating right, having a fit lifestyle can only do so much. Day to day skin aggressors don’t make our skin immune to its harmful effects and that Father Time always try to catch up with us.

source: Daniel Tan
That is why Pond’s gathered ladies belonging to PMAP who are also an avid user of Pond’s Age Miracle and Gold Radiance, and  formed the Magic 6, Marilen Faustino, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, Apples Aberin, Rissa Trillo, Tweetie de Leon, and Ornussa Cadness. 

Six women who we can look up in terms of beauty and lifestyle. A veritable inspiration that we, too, can achieve an immortal beauty or something that closely resembles it.

Defying gravity, the law of nature? I think not. I think of it as a miracle, a Pond’s Age Miracle. Although I am not in rush to use an anti-aging line just yet, seeing these ladies looking the best version of themselves convinces me to take my skin care seriously. Pond’t Age Miracle or Gold Radiance could be exactly what I’m looking for. Best of all, Pond’s don’t break the bank. No $150 cream here,  no hard sell.. the truth is staring right us in the face.

credit: Pond's Philippines Facebook Page

Credit: Daniel Tan

Looking your best... right now, has never been easy and never this fun. With the formulation of Pond’s Age Miracle’s Cell ReGen that fights the aging process effectively, it’s not impossible for us to look 10 years younger! And with Pond’s Gold Radiance, nobody would even dare to say that our skin looks life and lifeless.

In just 7 days, you’ll likely to see results and just might be one of the “Batch of Beauties” Pond’s just launch on their facebook page! Now if that isn't a testament that we can look our best, no matter what age.. I don’t know what that is. Be part of Pond’s Philippines Batch ofBeauties!

Start your Pond’s Age Miracle or Gold Radiance right now. They have special promos that you won’t be able to resist:

credit: Pond's Philippine's Facebook Page

  1. A make-up brush set is now available in all leading department stores (Robinsons, Landmark, and Gaisano) for every P500 worth of purchase from the Pond’s Age Miracle, Flawless White, or Gold Radiance collection.
  2. Holiday Gift Set for only P699: Buy 1 Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream and Get a FREE Pond’s Age Miracle Facial Wash 100g worth P220.

When was the last time someone said you look younger than your age? Has it been awhile? Then, methinks we should stock on either Pond’s Age Miracle and Gold Radiance!

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Photos of the PMAP Event credit: Daniel Tan Photography

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