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To have a great relationship with anyone, you need earphones. At work, at play or at home... earphones nowadays is must. It's practically required. With all the gadgets we now have, earphones have become quite essentials. At the bus, MRT, malls and lines, it's practically imporssible not to see anyone without their earphones. Even the boyfriend wears his almost all the time. He never leaves home without it. Especially if he's forced to join me shop. #lol

I recently discovered a brand of headphones named Coloud. It's a hip brand that has a no-fuss philosophy. They move for functionality, vibrancy and re-defining listening experience with their press play button.

All Coloud headphones now have tangle-free cord to lessen frustration of those who are always on the go. You can even roll of your sound lasso (cord) on the edge of the jack and it forms into an instead cord organizer! How cool is that? :)

THE BOOM | Php1,850

Quite packs a lot of punch, this one. It is extremely sturdy and take a lot of beating for a heavy listener. This one goes to the BF most of the time since he loves watching replay action on NBA on his computer. He also uses this to listen and watch videos on YouTube. Sound bass and noise reduction is superb! It's ideal for those who wants to zone out and just belong in a world of their own.

What I like best, since I got us a sort-of unisex color, the faux leather band is easy to clean. Given the brightest of it all, it can easy catch dirt of print. The cans, I think suits me best as it fits my tiny ears perfectly. It's ergonomic and though it's ginormous for my taste, it's actually quite smaller compared to outer headphones I've used. Personally, this pairs well on days I want to watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy and just be by myself sipping wine at the Balcony.

  • 1 click - Play/Pause/Answer call
  • 2 clicks - Next Song/Video
  • 3 clicks - Replay or rewind

THE KNOCK | Php1,450.00

The knock, I feel are for hipsters of this generation. Like Boom, it offers great sound quality, better I think, compared to Boom. Hiphop enthusiasts can feel the tunes reverberating with this headphones and you can clearly hear all the beats. No missteps, just plain raw music.

For this size of headphones, you'd think it doesn't differ much from Boom and somehow, you're kind of correct. Both are durable, fits snugly on the head and on the ears, but this is a better choice for those who are on the go. :)

THE POP | Php950.00

Small but terrible. If you're looking for a smaller ear-in earphones that is easy to use. Then this could be it for you. Pop reminds of people going to the gym, rock-climbing or any of those hard physical activities. It looks and feels durable to withstand vigoruous workout. Definitel something a spinner would love for his/her favorite spinning tracks. 

Like it's bigger brothers, the sound performance and the bass experience is unbelievable. It's hard to believe that this one is not more than Php1K. Great if you love house, trance and electro music. It's also great for packed action films that you love watching over and over again. You won't feel the earphones lacking at all.

What to love about Coloud Headphones:

  • Colorful designs
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Unique Zound Lasso organizer
  • Mic and Remote attached to cable
  • Cheaper compared to other brands and models
  • Tangle-free
  • Packaging uses less plastic (i hate boxes!)
  • Great sound performance
  • Easily available here in the Philippines
  • Durable
What I don't
  • Nothing so far

Watch out for my giveaway! Two lucky ladies or gents just might win either KNOCK or POP headphones courtesy of Digits Trading.


Available at:
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