Sakura Anti-Bacterial and Moisturizing Hand Soap in Autumn

It irks me sometimes when a house don't provide the guest a hand soap. Especially restaurants! Don't you? Did you know that washing your hands is still the best way to get rid of hand bacteria compared to any other ways avaialable now? As much as I love hand sanitizers,  I appreciate a hand soap in establishments I visit. It just shows you care to give them a great experience.

That is why at home you'll ALWAYS find liquid hand soaps in my bathroom and kitchen sink. One I've been using lately is from Sakura in Autumn Anti-Bacterial and Moisturizing Hand Soap. For guests, I refer them to the liquid soap as it's more hygienic and easier to use as it lathers well. Particularly Sakura's Autumn Hand Soap. It smells like shampoo even that I'm surprised my yaya didn't mistake it as one. Besides I love that it's fuchsia in color and fits my personality really. It's affordable and contains a good amount (50ml) that lasts for a month or two given he frequency of use. :)

Come to think of it, I wash my hands nearly 6 times a day... Hmm.. Am I bordering obessive compulsive?

Either way, I think you guys should always get a liquid handsoap if only to be polite and welcoming to your guests. :)

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