My new Crumpler The Proud Stash Backpack

Ierrhmmeehhgawd! Finally, a backpack that I really like. It took awhile for me to invest in a new backpack since I think I've outgrown it already. But there was a high time in my life when backpack was pretty much dominating my fashion life. Not anymore, today I look for functionality and for lightweight appeal. 

Say hello to my new Crumpler The Proud Stash backpack in Blue. It's a no fuss, no muss backie packie It's the ideal bag for me for the following reason.

1. It's totally lightweight!
2. It's freaking sturdy
3. It's laidpack simple design tones down my other stuff.
4. It's lightweight!!

Okay, I'm emphasizing the lightweight part just because I hate heavy bags! For me, bags should help you  carryall the things you need with one go and not weigh you down on its own. Yup, I don't see a Birkin in my future anytime soon if only for that reason.

This new bag is great for overnights, when I have an event the evening that needs for me to change my outfit, or plain carrying my stuff for makeup gigs. It's easier and it doesn't strain my shoulders. What's great is that the BF can borrow this from me anytime since the shade of the bag fits foboth male and female gens.

And look how wide the zipper opens. It reminds me of Jansport backpacks I use to own as a kid except that I prefer Crumpler bags nowadays.

I like the minimalist design. Even as a kid I never liked printed bags. I leave that to my trapper keepers. When all my friend had a Barbie, Lisa Frank, etc. bags I had a plain one. Though young, I already know how flamboyant my attitude is so I prefer to keep my stuff in the low key end. No need to overwhlem  people with my colorful choices and equally colorful personality. :) #lol

I like that the shoulder strap also has the same shade as the bag itself as it's more feminine. Too much black is just a no-no for me. Well, except when I'm creating smokey eye makeup looks.

If you prefer to use this bag as a makeup kit, I suggest you wrapping towels around the breakable parts like the eyeshadpws, foundations and other glass bottles. What I do is lay down a towel all over and it cradles all my stuff well. If you're not too clumsy, it shouldn't be a problem. Backpakcs is actually more convenient than a traincase if you ask me.

For overnights, this bag carries 2 change of clothes and my toiletriettes and then some. I keep my personal belonging in a another bag. :) Another thing that's great about this bag is that it's easy to wash all with its lightweight fabric.

Sorry! I really love this backpack, too bad I can only bring it for casual Fridays and weekdays. Now I wish I'm back in school, studying. :)

You can get this bag at your favorite Crumpler stores nationwide. :)

For more information about the Crumpler The Proud Stash Backpack, visit their facebook page and twitter:

Avialable at the following stores:
Beyond the Box
Crumpler Stores
Digital Hub
Ditigal Walker
Global Magic Wand
Macy's Photoshop
iPhoto Hub
PRG Photoshop
Royal Pictures
Toby's Arena
Urban Athletics

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