Makeup Artistry Essential: Acrylic Mixing Palette

Just had to share with you guys my personalized makeup palette! I've been on a look out for the perfect makeup palette (ala Makeup Forever) but so far, I haven't anything yet that I like (or affordable). good thing, Joy Yap contacted me if I want to have a personalized Acryclic Mixing Palette. She told me that she offers it at an affordable prize and it's great for doing makeup gigs (which i plan to pursue this year and next year).

Personally, I just want something I can use to mix and match shades for the change in season. During colder seasons, I'm back to my regular skintone. And the whitening products I've been using have been showing its results. Having a mixing palette makes makeup application easier.

And who can say no to the minimilist design of this acryclic palette?

There are three available acrylic mixing palettes you can choose from:
  • Plain with no holes - Php275
  • Plain w/ the hole - Php300
  • Personalized w/ hole - Php350

I personally like the personalized palette with the hole for easier grip. :) Also, in the makeup world, all your things should be personalized especially during chaotic photoshoots with other makeup artists. :)
Here's a simple sample of what your palette will look like.

Palettes are essential to keep your makeup form getting contaminated. Especially for makeup artists. I personally don't use makeup palette when doing my own makeup but I definitely do when I have a client.
  • It's more hygienic and reduces double dipping.
  • You can mix shades especially for foundation and lipsticks. 
  • Great for makeup gigs.
  • Makes doing makeup easier since you can put all your liquid formulas on your palette,
  • compared to taking out the bottle each single time.
  • More cost-efficient.

Whether it be a splurge or essential, I think every makeup lover should have this in her/his stash. :)

What do you think?

Want this? Contact Joy Yap via mobile and she'll accomodate your orders! :) 09178784798

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