A Whiff Review: pureDKNY Fragrance

When it comes to perfumes, I'm an easy girl to please. I like them citrusy. But pureDKNY falls short of pleasing me this time with the new pureDKNY.

I like the sizzle that one usually gets from an ultra citrus scent. But this one left me wanting. For one thing, it has vanilla which is a scent and flavor that I least like. Sorry, not a fan. Probably because it reminds me of those pinetree perfumes that are soo popular back in the 90's. High dosage of vanilla actually leaves me with a headache. Weird, right?

A lot of people has been raving about this refreshing EDT that is ideal for our all-around summer season! it's robustly clean and screams fresh in every corner. Better yet, the vanilla used for this fragrance was ethically sourced. Even the packaging is recyclable and the ink is nearly vegan.

But it's just not my cup of tea (or a bottle of perfume if I may be so candid). The vanilla just gets to me and can't get rid of even after it settles on my skin.

So what do I do with a perfume that doesn't suit my liking? I gave it to someone whom I know will appreciate it for all its offerings. I gave it to my dearest cousin as a birthday gift (we usually swap swags that we have ever since we were young). And naturally, her strong yet calm disposition loved each notes. :) She loves the no fuss bottle ( I did, too actually). She's a fan of Clinique Happy and DKNY Be Delicious so this was a sure hit for her.

I really feel bad for not joining the bandwagon of pureDKNY fans. But that's  fragrances for you. It's like love, you really can't force it if the feelings aren't there. What's great though is that each of us is meant for someone or something. Perfumes are motivated by memories, I believe and it's unbridled and honest. You either love it or hate it. When it comes to scents, you won't compromise.

And like meeting the love of your life, when you find the perfect scent for you... you'll remain loyal. I think I found my pureDKNY fragrance it's perfect match with my cousin. :) She's very simple, very well groomed and loves clean fresh scents.

If you love ultra fresh scents with a hint of vanille, give pureDKNY fragrance a try. :)

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