Products I Love: Cheat Your Way To A Smooth-Looking Skin

Smooth, matte and pore-less skin? Sad to say that it's not that easy to achieve if you have bad skin like I do. I have extremely oily skin with huge large pores, uneven skintone and blemishes due to acne. Not to mention I have whiteheads and blackhead. So the search for products that will reduce these is always a continuous process.

Here are a few Products I Love that helps me achieve the impossible dream (possible now) smooth fair skin. :)

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream

If you're looking for something that makeup/skincare, BB Cream is always a great choice. It's an all-in-one product your skin will definitely love. I revisited Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream when May, a friend from Tupperware Brands (one brand that carries Colour Collection), told that it's a staple for her. Looking at how gorgeously natural-looking her skin is, I had to unearth this tube from my makeup container.

It's beige-y in shade. Not grayish compared to other BB Cream and it blends well.

Set aside your moisturizer and sunblock, this BB Cream already is a moisturizer and this particular have minimum skin protection.

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream Flawless Foundation

This has a much better coverage and can double as a concealer. Definitely better during post PMS pimples. It's creamy and easy to blend.

Bare Naturals Mineral Makeup Blush in Dollface Cheenee

One of the very blushes I've tried, BareNaturals is one of my trusted mineral makeup brand available here in the Philippines. This one has a pale-pink hue that is flattering on most skintones especially fairer ones.It's great for giving you that natural blushed look. Definitely what a smooth skin would have!

PureGlow Face Me Mineral Foundation Java Shake

I forgot how great mineral makeup is to reduce oiliness and give the skin smooth-looking appearance. Choose the dewy-variant if you don't want a super matte finish, I on the other hand love love matte! PureGlow Java Shake has smooth fine-milled consistency. Alone it's great to lessen the redness on my face and with foundation, it's great as a setting powder.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Crystal

I'm not a cleargloss girl but for Bobbi Brown I can be. Kidding aside, this gloss is great to top off on all kinds of lipstick. Wrinkly lips no more whenever I use this.

Benefit Pore-fessional PRO Balm
I'm not a primer girl but I can't deny how good they are in giving matte skin and I can easily apply this anytime when the oilies strike. This really is a good product that does what it says. It gives shine-free skin and is lightweight in texture, you'd hardly feel wearing it! And of course, say bye to pores! This one can make your skin smooth as a baby's bum!

So if you're on a hunt for products that can give you great skin, even just for awhile, then try any of these product

What do you think of posts like these? Do you want more of it?

Do you have a products that helps you fake a smooth, oil-free skin?

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Colour Collection is a available from your favorite Tupperware Brands Dealer
BareNaturals, visit their faebook page at
Benefit Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown can be found at Rustan's Department Stores  and Greenbelt 5
PureGlow is now V&M, visit them at

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