Lipstick Wednesday: Model's Own Hyper Matte Brite in Annalise's Pink

Happy Hump Day, ladies!!

It's ladies night tonight! I've got something that you've got something that is surely gimmick worthy that you can try!

After some neutral lipstick, I think I owe you guys to show something bright! Matte Brite, that is! I finally got to try what a lot of bloggers and youtube gurus have been raving about, Model's Own Hyper Matte Brite! I got this from Makeupholics who sells ready affordable makeup brands that aren't available here.

It's really a bright pink lipstick, a notch higher than MAC Nouveau and Colour Collection Paradise Pink. It's an incredible bright pink purple-based lipstick. It's almost neon, if you ask me. :)

See for yourself!

It's an amazingly bright lipstick that I don't even try so much with the other parts of the my makeup. I just make sure that my cheeks are poppin' and my eyes are wide and awake. But you seriously can get away with this lipstick alone.

What I love about Model's Own Hyper Brite in Annalise's Pink...

It's matte!
It's easy to apply
It's so bright it catches attention
You get tons of products in one tube
Only Php400 a tube
Easily available here in the Philippines

What I don't...

Nothing! Totally in love with this lipstick!

Want this lipstick? Get them at Makeupholics!

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  1. Lineigecouture6/6/12 1:40 PM

    hi shen,what did you use for your eyebrows here,the color is amazing!!

  2. I am in love with the color! Looks great on you! :)

  3. Must try! Love the shade on you Shen! :)

  4. Wow, this lipstick is a must try, then!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Venice Clarina8/6/12 9:54 AM

    Gosh I thought it was a Shu Uemura... 


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