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Mohzy Loop USB Cable | Daisy

Yes, it did! So happy that I finally got the Mohzy loop usb cable! And no it isn't your ordinary cable. First off, it comes in chic designs!

What I have is Daisy. I’m digging the floral art design and the colors scream me. J You got to love oink and teal combination.

Mohzy Loop USB Cable | Daisy

Mohzy Loop USB Cable | Daisy

But that’s not the only reason why I got this baby! I got this for my two sleek helpers, iPhone and Blackberry. Both have been hard at work to keep me in touch to the world. Thanks to my favorite telecom Globe, I never miss a call, text, tweet, Fb message, BBM or email (although I wish I don’t sometimes. Hehehe!).

But bringing both chargers are just a pain! I forgot my Blackberry charger ons at Jheng’s family house in Bataan and it was such a hassle. It was too expensve to buy a new charger and I didn’t want to rush Jheng’s mom to send the charger (nakakahiya naman). But having Mohzy, all I needed was an adapter with USB connector and I could charge my Blackberry again. It was such a relief.

As a gadeteer (what I fondly call myself, the girl who can’t seem to live with her gadgets), power (aside connection is the next important thing). Getting to charge both my phones, mp3 via laptop or outlet where ever I am.

Mohzy Loop USB Cable | Daisy

Mohzy Loop USB Cable | Daisy

Another plus is that it makes such a cool accessory! It’s a baller ID, baby! :) Although I don't advise doing this if you're ADHD like me who keeps on losing stuff. I keep this in a sort of gadget pouch in my bag.

Oh! This also makes a nice magnet for your boards at work. And you'll love the tangle-free cord. Yup. No more wrestling with 

So what do you think? It's a cool gadget, right? And it's only Php795.00!!

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