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Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Rosabella Rose

Despite it being released a few months back, Avon still sent me their February 2012 offering, the Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipsticks, endorsed by Miss Universe-Philippines Shamsey Supsup.

Almost twice or thrice a year, Avon comes out with a new version of Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks to suit more Filipina lipstick needs. This time, Rose Collection provides intense moisture thanks to "Rose extract and Almond oil that's been known  to soften, smoothen and hydrate the lips." - Avon brochure.

UMR Rose Lipsticks came in 10 chic and ultra feminine shades, inspired I'm sure of the many different shades of roses. There's none of your regular ran-of-the-mill brown undertones. The Rose collection is very updated for the season with all the pink, purple and peach hues. If you want the pale pink, peach nude or deep plum, you'll definitely find in this collection.

Most shades are also wearable for everyday and yet it is still quite different from usual shades. I think Avon UMR did a great job in selecting shades for the rose collection. I just love every shade in it!

Packaging wise, compared to the usual black and silver lipstick case, Rose comes in black and metallic one.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Rosabella Rose
Rosabella is rich in red and peach tones, creating a sort of pastel red shade. It's a close to NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Bonfire and 

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Passionate Kiss Rose
One of my favorite, Passionate Kiss is one of the most used lipstick in my stash. It's a great My-Lips-But-Better lipstick.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose, hailed as a best-selling, I've proven to be a good fit. It's perfect for those who want that pink lipstick with a hint of purple tone.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Amour Rose
Amour Rose is a pale pink with a tinge of peach undertone. It's very pale for my complexion but I do love the shade so much that I'm going to keep it for future clients.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | French Lace Rose
French Lace Rose is peachy nude lipstick. If you're looking for a neutral/nude lipstick perfect for that everyday use and for that smokey eyes, then this is exactly for you.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Rosabella Rose
Apricot Nectar Rose looks a lot like MAC's LE lipstick in Cut-a-Caper but a tad brighter and more pink.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Blushing Rose
Searching for the pale peach pink that doesn't wash you out, Blushing Bride could be it. It's one of the most flattering light shed of pink lipstick I own to date. It suits mostly fair skin but all skin tone can use this with a smokey eye makeup look.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Carmen Rose
Carmen Rose is not your ordinary lipstick, it's a soft almost demure red.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Royal Celebration Rose
Go for a bit of statement with Royal Celebration. It's one of the darkest shades among the collection that can suit all skin tones especially the morena ones.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick | Jubilee Rose
Plum lipstick isn't for the kontrabida amymore. Imitate the looks on the runway with this Jubilee Rose, it suits neautral makeup look. If you're up for looking for a bold and daring dare-to-be-different lipstick, this is for you.

What to love about Avon Ultra Rich Rose Lipstick:

It glides on smoothly on the lips
It's extremely lightweight
Soft on the lips
Doesn't cause the lips to chap, very moisturizing
Incredibly pigmented
Darker shades last long on the lips
Love the satin sheen finish on the lips
Comes in flattering tones of pinks, plums and reds

What not to love about Avon Ultra Rich Rose Lipstick:

So far, I can't think of any.

To order, contact your favorite Avon lady. Don't have an Avon lady yet, you can find one at www.avon.com.ph.

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  1. I like Rich Rose Color :)

  2. UMR Rose is my favorite lipstick from Avon. 

  3. Parang I want the french lace rose shade. I'm into nude na nowadays ;)

  4. ViviSection23/5/12 12:14 PM

    Ahh! I want them all! They all look lovely. :D

  5. i have the carmen rose. super nice. parang gusto ko na silang lahat!!

  6. but for the price, the lipstick is kinda small

  7. I love Amelia Rose, Jubilee Rose (kontrabida, ah!) and Royal Celebration Rose. I agree with Arra, though. Ba't ang liit?


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