Shen's Mother's Day Beauty Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is here and it’s sure is fun to just spend more time with mom and treat her like the queen she really is. I may not have a mom to treat to every Mother’s day but that doesn't mean that our tradition will end.

I would usually give my mom something like a book…. Which I now realize was not the best thing to give a workaholic woman. My mother didn’t have an inch of a bookworm in her body and yet I always gave her one.

I should’ve given her a bag full of makeup inspired by spring makeup trends. I could have picked a nice pink lipstick, a rosy blush, highlighter and face powder to keep her face shine-free all day.

Right now, I definitely am recommending you to getting a mommy makeup set. After all I’m sure that most moms out there barely have time to buy makeup with all the things that keeps them busy.

You can also get her a range of skin care or just an eye cream. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t see my mom use a toner on her face or applied some cream on her face. Even when she would sleep in my room, she’d be bringing her night cream with her. But now, I think I would give her an eye cream since she neglected that part.

A bottle of perfume would also make a great gift. My mom was a very good cook but she hated smelling like food. She lavished on scents like Bulgari, Dior and Ralph Lauren. If you’re mom is as addicted to fragrances, you can get her a nice bottle of perfume she can bring with her anywhere.

Other than that, a salon day would be a great treat for her. Treat her for some color or hair care treatment to give her a new look. A mani/pedi would be nice, too. 

So yeah, I’m telling you know. If you think that you’re mom needs a gift that she would use everyday. Don’t get her a book. Get her something that will show that you really are paying attention to what she does and that you appreciate everything she do for you.

Actually, don’t wait for another Mother’s Day to show her that any day could be a special day just because you love her so much.

I would give anything to spend another day with my mom. So don’t miss your chance to spend time with yours.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. prettythrifty14/5/12 9:54 AM

    I agree, we don't need to wait the so called "Mother's Day" to show that we appreciate and love our moms! Everyday is the right time to make them feel that we love them! I know how much you miss your mom Ms.Shen, and I know how much you love her! :)

  2. your post made me a little teary eyed. i know you wanted it to sound like a happy post but i can just imagine how hard for you to write this without missing your mom so much. i can relate. :)


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