Salon Experience | Hair Philosophie at Tordesillas St. Makati

Was nothing short wonderful.

Just look at the result after spending about two hours inside the sleek spacious salon of Hair Philosophie. The interiors reminded me of those old pre-war buildings in New York with all the bricks and wood work station. It sort of felt like the cast of RENT was about to burst in to do a song and dance number. Yup, it was that roomy.

Still, the salon, despite it being in one of the busy streets of Makati, maintained a kind of sanctuary. It's quiet and unassumingly posh. Definitely something I seek to go to when i'm just about ready to hang myself at work. Nothing like a quick mani/pedi or hair treatment to get me in the mood and forget that my clients are sort of trying to suck the life out of me.

Of course, this visit was an invite from Ria, the salon's PR Rep. She must have felt that my dry thick hair needed a boost. Other than that, she really wanted to showcase what this salon can do for all us working girls in Metro.

From dry and utterly thick wavy hair, I transformed into a what I can say a vavavoom-move-out-of-the-way-Farrah Faucet-bouncy curly hair.

When it comes to going to salons, I feel as if I'm an expert already. I know what I want and not because I'm a snooty bitch who thinks she knows so much or that she's a glorified beauty blogger who knows better than everyone. It's just that I've spent a good amount of time inside different salons and have tried too many treatments that I have a good enough knowledge on what my hair needs.

But I liked to be surprised once in a while. No harsh treatments like hair color, rebonding or relaxing this time. I just needed a color boost that will also lessen the dryness of scalp and the tips of my hair.

Allan, my hair stylist that day, knew exactly what I needed. When he recommended Kerastase Chroma Riche for my hair, I knew already that it was the answer for my currently dry and dull hair. So we proceeded to do exactly that. Allan gave Benjie the task to remove all products off of my hair with a  cleansing shampoo. Then after a bit towel drying, Allan applied Kerastase Chroma Riche mask all over my hair.

After which, Benjie encased my hair with seran wrap. Wrapping the hair is crucial as this process opens up the hair and allows the products to seep in more than just leaving it out in the open. Effect is a much softer hair.

Twenty minutes later and quite a lot of fun chikka time with Ria, my hair was rinsed off and it remarkably felt lighter already. No surprise there since Kerastase really does deliver when it comes to their products. No disappointment, just fabulous results. 

What was quite the thing was when Allan and Benjie started styling my hair. OMG did I transform. I should know, I've never looked this good. And they only used magnetic rollers on me! Allow me to beckinese and say "Ang shala ko lang!"

Treating you of course with photos I took of my visit. :)

what my hair looks like before (still wet from my morning bath)

Shampoo to get rid of the anti-frizz product I used for my hair

Application of the Kerstase Chroma Riche mask

Twenty minutes waiting game... There's free WIFI so there was no downtime for me. Also, Ria and I got to girl talk. Yup, salons were made for women who loves to talk. :) Hehehe!

And the styling begins...

Will it be worth it? :)



I was simply impressed. I never looked this good with curly hair. I usually like mine stick straight because of how crazy thick it is but this gives me a whole new perspective.

Of course, I don't always recommend you to leave all the decisions to your hair stylist, especially when it comes to major hair treatments like coloring, rebonding and perming. Think of going to a salon as a collaboration and a relationship. You need to like the salon and you need to like the stylist and vice versa. It's not a one way street. It's all about consultation and negotiation. They are there for reason and because they are expert. And you are there because you want a change, how big of a chance you want is exactly what they need to know. Open communication is the key. :)

Yes, going to a salon is like any other relationship you have. :)

Hair Philosophie definitely has got the class and style anybody would want in a salon. It's got the impressive interiors, spacious rooms and working stations. Courteous and observant staff who aren't too hard sell on their treatments and procedure. 

I do look forward to visiting this salon again, if only to get that perfectly bouncy curls that Allan did for my hair. 

Lunch time seems to be a good time to visit since it had the less traffic. I noticed that clients came in around the afternoon already. I suggest having an early lunch and take advantage of a quiet escape at Hair Philosophie.

Hair Philosophie is located at 117 Tordesillas St., corner Bautista, Salcedo Village, Makati, tel no. (02) 836 768.

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  1. BAGAY SAYO THE CURLS! =) I love it!

  2. Shen, super like! DI pa tapos magload ng page napa "wow" na ko sa nakita ko. the color and the curls~ gorgeous!

  3. Oh, big bouncy waves suit you really well! You look gorgeous :-) Love the hair!

  4. And my obsession with curly hair continues. Curly hair suits you!

  5. You look gorgeous with those curls! bagay na bagay sayo ms. shen :)

  6. you look like a million bucks! I'm sure the it costs that much, too, to look like that ?

  7. i love your hair:) so pretty:) bagay sau ms. shen:)

  8. nakakainis ang ganda.. hehe as in.. super nice.. i wish i could wake up each morning looking like that,,

  9. so pretty shen! i miss going to the salon because of my busy sched waley na time. i need or rather want to have a new color for my hair and i'm just so bored with it na... love the bouncing curls on you. if only i have the patience to wait till my hair's long enough for such gorgeous and volumized curls :)

  10. Shen , this type of curls bagay sayo :) sabi mo hindi bagay? Well..mali ka! :D

  11. Wow, Shen! You look sooo gorgeous! The hair suits you so well! ♥♥♥

  12. prettythrifty16/5/12 9:06 AM

    Pang Bb. Pilipinas ang dating ng hair mo Ms.Shen! Lumabas yung tunay na ganda ng high lights mo! Pretty!

  13. Love the hair! Super gorgeous!

  14. You look amazing with all that curls and waves. :) 


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