KIT: Keep It Together | Packing Dilemma Solved

May 5 it fast approaching and I'm like a kid who can't sleep from excitement! I'm finally going to see the place where my dearest Beauty Blogger BFF, Jheng, grew up. She'll be celebrating her birthday and she invited us for an oversrnight stay of good food, music and of course to see her march as her town's Reyna Elena. Amahhhhhzing!!

Other than that, I'm just so over the metro and eager for some laidback happenings. I want to de-stress myself from work and recoup my brain. I just want to be "sabaw" for two whole straight days laughing and having fun with the coolest and funniest girl I know!


There's a but,.. a big-ass one if you me...

I do hate packing. I always under and over estimate packing! There's always something I forget and there's always something that I bring which I barely use. It always happens. I jsut really never learned how to pack properly. Darn it!

Thankfully though, Mich of Cozy Nail Lounge in Libis sent me over this cute transparent pouch with lots of containers inside it.

  • Soap Dish
  • Steel Atomizer
  • Plastic Atomizer
  • Tube Pump
  • Powder Jar
  • Cream Jar
  • Gel Jar
  • Funnels and spatula

I certainly can't live without my vanity essentials. That's why this bag of containers will certainly help me minimize boo-boo's when packing.

What I plan to use this for?

  • Soap Dish - Half of Dove Beauty bar and Snoe White Antibacterial Brightening Citronella beauty bar
  • Steel Atomizer - Clinique Anti-Blemish Toner
  • Plastic Atomizer - alcohol
  • Tube Pump - Obagi-C Sunblock
  • Powder Puff Jar - My ever reliable baby powder
  • Cream Jar - Belo Prescriptive DLC Cream
  • Gel Jar - a little but of Perricone MD Acyl Gluthathione Cream

Phew! That definitely got a lot things off of my back!

For more travel rganizers and containers, visit KIT - Keeping It Together's at TheatreMall Greenhills (Across Mixed Gems, before Foodcourt)

They also have a facebook page,

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  1. wow. where can i buy this travel kit?

  2. Yay please do! :) One of my best college buddies, Rachelle Lim, owns that store and she has a lot of good stuff for sale! :)


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