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Tommy Hilfiger Eu de Prep Tommy Girl

Give it to Tommy to once again make us excited for another fragrance. I fell victim (quite a willing one) when he first released Tommy Girl. Everybody who was anybody was wearing Tommy Girl in our all-girl Catholic school.

Now, Tommy goes back to his roots by giving us another hip but uber elegant scent with Eu De Prep. What I got here is the Feminine version which is not at all like the original Tommy Girl I have always liked. Eu De Prep Femme has mix of Pink Pepper, Violet, Green Apple on top; Rose on the middle, and it ends with Musk, Sandalwood and Hawthorn. Quite all the scents that makes you think of lounging while in your backyard at the Hamptons.

Tommy Hilfiger Eu de Prep Tommy Girl

I have always wanted to be preppy in my style back in the day. I love the tartan skirt, blazer and button up shirt. But alas, our take on Ivy League and preppy high school was different. My style quickly converted to sexy as my chest started to fill up in high school! Lol!

I love his take on preppys style this time. It's not clean and stiff but it's utterly daring. A lot of mixes like one would expect from a fraternity house party. It's all fun and loosening up. The scent is exactly like that but still true to what preppy really is.

Coincidentally, Tommy Hilfiger is also mentoring the contestants in American Idol Season 11. He is unearthing their inner style as image advisor and doing a great job!

Tommy Hilfiger mentoring American Idol contestant

The new Tommy Hilfiger Eu de Prep makes the best graduation gift, don't you think so? The clear bottle with the golden bottle makes a great combination. It definitely reflects that elegant sporty feel like one is ready to play croquette or some other fancy sports.

Tommy Hilfiger Eu de Prep Tommy Girl

This really casual scent makes a great everyday wear. I wouldn't think twice getting this for a niece should she be graduating this March.

Oh, graduation! How I miss you! And oh how I thought you will never come! Hahaha! Yup... those days counting and anticipating my grades and seeing my name on list was just nerve-wracking. I was a lazy student back in the day, I was always distracted by books and boys that I always have trouble learning the things I needed. Being a mediocre, I never really was that excited to stay in school. That's why I didn't performed well andwhy I was always nervous whenever the grade is out!

I really thought I will never graduate... But when that day came, my mom lavished me with gifts. She gave a day at spa, a nice pair of shoes and a fabulous dress from K & Company. She also had a gown made for me by Fanny Seranno for my graduation ball, a new phone and a TV. I don't know why she did all those things. I was just really happy I graduated with no failing marks.

But I guess, you really can't take away from the parents the feeling of happiness when their children are set for the world with a premium education to back them up.

Tommy Hilfiger Eu de Prep Tommy Girl

What was your graduation like? Do you consider yourself the preppy kind?

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