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Meet my Grandchildren! :)


I meant, my grandpuppies. :)  Hehehe!

Duchess, my only girl, gave birth (via CS) to 3 healthy puppies last night (March 13, 9pm)! One girl and two boys! They are currently staying at Vets in Practice in Madaluyong right now. Thanks to Doc Dan who was  super cool and compose while I was a wreck, worrying about my Duchess.

It is has been grueling night but it was well worth it. I couldn't be more happy with how things turned out (no matter how expensive it was). My little girl was so brave to undergo such a stressful procedure but she took everythin in a stride. Bless her.

Thanks to my Dad who came to our rescue and settling my nerves.

Their care will now be under Doc Christian of Animal Care Specialist in Tiendesitas. I can't wait ofr our Vet to see them! :)

 Looking at them fills me with so much Joy. I wish Mom is here to celebrate this moment with me.

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