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I am an Eastwood girl. Back in college, my mom and I almost did everything in this place. We ate, watched, shopped in this area. Yup, even had our weekly manis and pedis in place.

At night, this is the place to be for partying, clubbing or sipping wine with good friends. Every year, Eastwood surprises me with a lot of new things.

The last time I was here was no different. I had a night of pampering with my blogger friends. Benefits Salon in Eastwood City Walk (Fashion Square Building near Somboko Jin and Manor) invited over a few beauty and fashion bloggers to try out their services. It was a different salon back then, right across the nail salon where I use to get manicures and pedicures.

I came from work and as always, incredibly late. Everyone was getting all glammed up with their full hair coloring and retouch. I opten to get a keratin Hair Treatment instead and a mani because I was pressed for time. Given it was an event, I didn't want to bother the owners and their staff to wait on me. Kahiya naman. Yes, proper etiquette is needed when attending event.

Besides, my hair was in bad need of a smoothening treatment! I've been growing out my hair (for a wedding and I think I want to get a digiperm) and it's getting pretty tough to take care of it. 

The salon is pretty spacey, lots of places to move around in. I really like that the video they had playing was Britney Spears music vids. It brought me back to good old days. The staff was pretty chatty, too, but knows how to stop when I concentrating on watching Britney's Toxic video.

A salon for me is a place of relaxation, I really never liked a noisy salon. I hate staff who talks to each other all the freaking time when I'm at a salon. Benefits Style Salon is NOT at all like that. You can feel professionalism in their staff but they are still friendly to you. They are not snobbish as some high-end salons are. Theya re just the right amount of everything.

The prizes are average. They aren't too expensive and are just enough for the quality they provide and the products they use.

Getting a Keratin Treatment and manicure was such a sweet ending to my Friday!

Besties Shen and Brigitte! Our hair looks like its ready to for a shampoo commercial.

Martha and Donnarence looking uber fabulous with their new do!

With Gem and Brigitte. Thanks Gem for the photo!

with Robina, Rose, Gem and Brigitte

Robina and Rose, owners of Benefit Style Salon

Love the service, love the place and how easy it is park as well!! I can do anything in Eastwood which is always so great. for someone who hates parking and walking. Benefits Style is a likely a place I would go to for a quick fix at the salon.

Take advantage of their March promo, 50% on a lot services until the 31st!!

If you think you feel like you need to revive yourself, it's time to revamp yourself and visit a salon. :) Never deny yourself of that right. :)

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Benefits Style Salon is a salon based in Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines

Are you an Eastwood employee? Haircuts are P199 for ALL EASTWOOD EMPLOYEES and RESIDENTS in addition to a 20% discount on all other services. 

Happy hour isn't only for drinks! They have Happy Hour for everyone else M-F 1 to 5pm which gives them P199 Haircuts and 20% discount on all other services. We have FREE Wi-Fi and offer and iPad for your use on selected hair services.

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