Makeup Review | Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette

How was your Valentine's, ladies? Mine wasn't happening.. the BF and I had to work long hours. We both decided to just spend it over the weekend. Our relationship has reached a point wherein we try not to harass each other too much with Hallmark events. Hehehe!

And besides, I've got a lot makeup reviews to distract me from all the couples nuzzling each other. Hahaha!

I couldn't be happier having these babies came my way! It makes such an ideal gift for Valentine's. Which I now consider as such!

As always, I couldn't wait to try anything that's sent to me (or any makeup i buy at that!). So I immediately took pictures of them so I can show them to you in all its glory ... And used them as soon as I could!

Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette is great for those with warm skin tones (holler!) like most Asian skins are. Despite the fact I have several nude palettes, this seem to be a lot handier, sturdier and more natural/neutral compared to my other palettes.

And though it being too neutral for someone who is adveturous as I am, this came right on time since I hardly play around with colors anymore. Rather, I've been sporting neutral eyes and bold lips for the past few weeks. Apt and timely, since Bobbi Brown said that wearing bold colors of the season is best balanced out with neutral feel.

What I like about Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Bobbie Brown herself, is that she doesn't necessarily go with the flow of the trend as she thinks it better to work with what we've got rather than what we don't. But when she does ride the waves of what's in, she makes it wearable. Most especially to those who hardly deviate from earth-tone colors.

Bold vibrant lips that are coming out this season, makes the Ultra Nude Palette the best eye makeup partner. But being true to her philosophy, Bobbi Brown isn't coming out with a collection that we can't make use of all through out the year. This nude palette is testament to that.

The palette in it self is eye candy. It was nice to see Bobbi Brown playing colors with the Ultra Nude Palette. Not the shadows itself, but the packaging is such big selling point. At least it is for me. Uber cute if you like black and hot pink.

The Angle Eye Shadow and Liner makes a great companion for this palette as it comes in handy in creating looks without having to change too much brushes. I know how many of you girls get crazy when we use several brushes in our looks. Base on my trial run, I was able to use the angle eye shadow brush to apply base, contour my outer lids and trace an outer V to define my eyes. I still haven't used the liner brush since I used the Bobbi Brown Ink Liner. But yes, you can definitely live off with this brush!

Bobbi Brown makes this exceptional by combining six of her classic neutral eye shadows that are fit for those with warm and cool skin tone. Although this may not obviously appear on those with darker skin tones, this fits well for those who are from fair to medium fair range.

Chino | Praline | Pink Chandelier
  • Chino (light cool beige) - makes a great base and initial shadow for a neutral look.
  • Praline Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (Nude with Golden Pearl) - it has a satin finish and goes on smoothly. Use this as contour or an overall eye shadow for simple makeup look.
  • Pink Chandelier Metallic Eye Shadow (Warm Pink with Golden Pearl) - has minute shimmer but not over the top glittery and goes on smoothly on the lids, too. Great for highlighting both eyes and even the cheeks!

  • Stone Eye Shadow (Neutral Gray Brown) - lighter version of Chino, easily one of the best shadows for slightly contouring the eyes.
  • Champagne Truffle Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (Warm Pink Beige) - almost peach on my skin tone, this makes a great base for an upbeat neutral look to bring out the brightness of the eyes.
  • Cocoa Berry Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow (Rich Brown Plum) - loving the reds shimmer with the dark chocolate brown that has purple shift.
Chino | Praline | Pink Chandelier | Stone | Champagne Truffle | Cocoa Berry

This is great for any one who are just starting out with makeup and wants some heavy duty, quality-filled nude palette. This being easy to blend, even those who are just starting can create all the kinds of neutral looks with palette without having the necessary blending skills.

It has a nice sprinkling of mattes, satin and shimmers that I'm quite sure many of you can go for.

I gave this palette a run for the special screening of The Vow that I watched with the BF and friends. :)

Eye Shadow Used: Chino, Pink Chandelier, Cocoa Berry

I took Bobbi Browns words and inserted color into my look subtly, so I used the Bobbi Brown Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash on my lower lids to add color to my look. Subtle accent that I think many of us can pull off.

What do you think of the Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette and the look I created with it?

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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is avialable in the Philippines, at Rustan's Department Store in Shangri-la, Glorietta 3 and Essenses at Rockwell.

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  1. NinMonster15/2/12 8:58 AM

    Gosh this palette is love!!! ♥3♥

    I love the packaging as well! So modern classy ang hot pink + black! :D

    So this was what you were wearing then. :D

  2. Issachavez15/2/12 9:52 AM

    I love the look you created!  Very pretty!  I love the packaging too  and the neutral colors are perfect for everyday look! :)

  3. I love nude eyeshadows, they're simple but very elegant. The thing with nude eyeshadows is that they can blend well with anything and usually, the effect is quiet glamour. It's something that I can wear day time and night time, even for outdoors it can evoke the simplicity that I always want to go for. I love how it maximize my features :)

  4. i'm dying to get my hands on this palette. i'm dying of envy too, haha. =) great review. great look you created.

  5. Maritessgreyes15/2/12 6:51 PM

    ang ganda ng palette Shen! parang simplified version ng Naked. Like!

  6. Love the look you've made with the palette and the palette looks really nice and as well as the packaging itself. I didn't go out with my partner during the Valentine's Day. I mean, we can go out naman anytime even if it's not Valentine's. Hehe. Just went out on a date with my younger sister. :D

  7. Aprilmaelim15/2/12 10:53 PM

    Aaaahhh! I love it! The colors are so pigmented! :) I just purchased their corrector for dark under eye circles while waiting for our movie date, and it's really effective! 

  8. Ruth Santiago16/2/12 1:05 AM

    I so love color brown shades! :)

  9. I love this palette! Looks so chic and I love the contrast of the packaging with the neutrals. Uber pretty! I would love to get one of them just for toting around during travels!

  10. Shen, I love this look! SO romantic and pretty!

  11. Pretty. This is one of your best looks. :) (or biased lang ako coz I love neutrals.

  12. Is this palette classified as limited edition? I didn't see it anywhere on their website (but I did see it before). How much was it? XD


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