Lip Lovin' Sunday: Lip Ice Sheer Color

It's Lip Lovin' Sunday.

Say hello to my one of my favorite lip balms from Lip Ice. It's a Sheer Color Change Lip Conditioner. It's a nice alternative for those lemming for Clinique Chubby Sticks. But unlike the Chubby Sticks, this one changes color depending on your lips so you're sure that it indeed matches your skin tone.

This is a great MLBB (my-lips-but-better) lip balm since it enhances your lip color just right. It gives my lips a nice sheen and pinkness that seem to never go out of style right now. And the pinkness looks bright but still look very natural.

Add to that the the glittery gloss that adds high shine, this lip set can take your from day to night! :)

I've had the regular Lip Ice Sheer Color for awhile now. But now it comes with this ncute tiny squeeze tube of lip gloss that you top on the lip balm. the glitters on the gloss isn't overwhelming when applied so don't worry that you'll look like a discoball with this. It's just a typical lip gloss with a bit shimmer to give the lips a bit of a pout.

This lasts awhile, I tell you. Besides, who ever among us ran out of lip balm? It seems as if that there's always a new one inside our bags, right? Lip Ice Sheer Color though will probably last up to 2 to 3 months if you use it everyday.

For about less than Php200, this makes a great take home gift for your nieces, cousins or even your BFF's. It keeps their lips smooth and at the same time, add a bit of pinkish shade that are just right for them.

Lip Ice Sheer Color is definitely for those who are conservative with their makeup and wishes to retain au naturelle look. This is also great for girls in school who have strict rules about makeup. You can just tell your teacher that it's plain lip balm for your chappy dry lips.

Packaging-wise though, I think the company would benefit if they include illustration that your lip color will change when you to use this just to reiterate the magic this sheer color change gives.

Overall, I love this. This is a great alternative for expensive brands. It keeps the lips moisturized and the changing shade have its appeal.

I will definitely purchase another one once this ran out.

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  1. Hi! I love your review about this. :) Where to buy this?


  2. I also really love lip ice! :)

  3. Misspurple Jing5/2/12 10:40 PM

    I must try Lip Ice,ganda ng pagkapink sayo^_^

  4. Erin Joan Yang6/2/12 1:16 AM

    OMG! This is soooo cute and I want to try it! Where can you buy this?

    I discovered more about make-up and beauty products just last year and I never though I would fall in love with lip make-up.  Of all my make-ups, I have soooo many lip make-up because they're so eye-candy! And this lipstick is such an eye candy :D I hope to buy this one day :)

  5. So cute! Would definitely try this one out. Plus it's really inexpensive. Awesome. Thanks for sharing Shen! I've always seen Lip Lice products in Watsons but haven't really tried buying one. 

  6. I've been seeing lip ice in Watsons but I never attempted to try it out, this is because I still have a couple of lip balm in my kikay kit that I use everyday. Once I'm done with my lipbalms, I'll definitely try lipice.


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