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During the special screening of The Vow at the Powerplant mall, we were gifted these beautiful Zoya nail polishes from Zoya Manila.

Zoya nail lacquer are known for being a safer alternative from regular nail polish. I first encountered these polishes at Organic Rituals Nail and Spa. Nikki, proprietor of Organic Rituals, came to a conclusion that becoming pregnant doens't mean that you'll have to give up with all your usual beauty whims. Since she's addicted to getting manicures and pedicure, she literally took it in her hands to find products that are safe for pregnant ladies.

And yes she found them in Zoya Nail Polishes where she got exclusive distribution of this phenomenal nail lacquer. Coincidentally, Zoya was invented for pregnant ladies who still need their mani/pedis without fearing for harmful chemicals.

Zoya is free from Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor Free. Chemicals mentioned are highly toxic and cause a lot of deffects. Not to mention that it brittle the nails and turn them disgustingly yellow.

And I'm just so happy that I now own a few bottles.. Hopefully, this is going to be my next addiction. Hehehe!

Here are my new nail lacquer babies,

ZOYA Matte Velver Lacque in Phoebe

ZOYA Professional Lacquer in Jacy

ZOYA Professional Lacque in KI

I am just psyched about these nail polish and my chance to try them out on my own. I already tried on Jacy and it's such a flattering shade. The magenta vibe makes this look best for fall but who cares when the polish looks great on your nails, right? Phoebe, which is a matte polish isn't really what I usually go for. I think I need to revisit this nail polish again before I judge it. :)

It also took a few days before it started to chip. Overall, this is worth the hype and the high price tag of about P450, I think. :)

Will show photos of how the polishes looked on my nails! :) Will be trying out Ki tomorrow!

Zoya Nail Lacquers are available at Organic Rituals Nail and Spa, www.facebook.com/ZoyaManila or Digital Traincase.

By the way, how do you like my photos? I'm playing around with a new technique. This looks a bit more "pro" for my taste but it shows the product really well. I'm not yet sure how to stick to this kind of style given that most products are larger and my lightbox is quite small... Sigh... But I do love how the photos turned out. Let me know what you think, alright?

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  1. those have really great shades!!! i love them all!!


  2. The Phoebe shade looks really attractive Shen! I have only tried of Zoya nail polishes when I visit nail salons I'm really kuripot and prefer buying cheaper nail polishes :P


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