Skin Care Haul: VMV Hypoallergenics' ID Skin Care Products at 25% Off!

Splurging is so easy when you get them at a discounted price. That's exactly what happened when I visited VMV Hypoallergenics store at Bonifacio High Street. I went there to get a facial after a job interview. I availed their Blemish Buster facial which is their intensive procedure for those dealing with acen prone skin skin and suffer from extreme oiliness. When I asked he my facialist what product she was going to use on me, she said that it's going to be ID Line.

I knew that ID Skin care Line is best for those dealing with serious acne, sweat acne, shaving + waxing bumps, "chicken skin", other forms of folliculitis! That is why despite is being a bit pricier than the other skincare from VMV, I opted to choose something from this line.

ID Sweat acne and Overall Anti-Bacterial Monolaurin Gel was applied to me on during the end part of my Blemish Buster. It has a bit stinging sensation that is common associated with skin care with a good amount of Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid). I was still happy to see that one of VMV's star ingredient, Monolaurin Acid, was included in this line. Monolaurin have anti-bacterial properties that is safe for the skin and doesn't dry it out. Best of all, it has Beta Hydroxy Acid.

Beta Hydroxy Acid is best for skin with oily skin and acne prone ones as it. It penetrates the skin better, helps control oil and get rid of dead skin cells that clogs pores. That is why the ID Sweat Acne and Overall Anti-Bacterial Monolaurin Gel is great for all body parts that experience acne like the face and the back.

I've tried this on the BF's back acne and within two days, his acne have settled down. It has also helped my skin since I've been breaking out from sleeping so late and waking u

Photos below provide the ingredients and product description for you to check out.

Buy this if you need to something to mattify your skin, help your pimples to dry up quickly and if you are suffering from sweat acne. Another thing that I got is the ID Buff-Buff Apricot and Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap.

Another product that I got is the ID Buff-Buff Apricot Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap. I've been advised to use this only on the body as it contains high content of Beta Hydroxy Acid. It's great for those suffering sweat acne and back acne. I bought it for the purpose that I usually get back acne from extreme heat and so does the boyfriend. I plan on cutting this almost Php400 body bar between us for those yucky bacne days.

ID skin care line from VMV Hypoallergenics is quite special because it has Monolaurin which is derived from lauric acid taken from coconut. Lauric Acid is a great anti-bacterial ingredient! It's one of the safest that even babies can do. best of all, we get to use something that is native our country as this ingredient are sourced here! VMV utilizes the benefits of coconut oil to treat a lot skin problems from oily to extremely dry skin. That's why I think that they do well in the US its because they are but new who offers this in their skin care while VMV has already mastered it!

Best is that I got this all on 25% off! Yup! What was suppose to be about more than Php1000 worth of premium skin care, I paid only about less than Php800! I wasn't able to catch that prices but this is one of the best deals there is this New Year! Credit card was happy because I didn't put too much dent on it. Lol!

And if you want to try the products that I hauled from VMV their sale is still on-going until January 15!!! Go and get them! And check out their other products!

VMV is having a contest on their Facebook account! Visit their page and find out how to win awesome skincare and makeup from this much beloved beauty brand. :)

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  1. Hi Shen!  I've been using Id Monolaurin Gel for 3 years! I use it on pimples, insect bites and as an overall face mattifier :)

  2. I used the gel when I was back in college to get rid of my back acne. It works naman kaso my acne's just so stubborn and chronic. Stopped na after a while but i do love it :)

  3. gelatoprincess17/1/12 12:30 PM

    Never thought that there's a soap that can target  back acne! Recently, I've been having some pimples at my upper back, they'r not plenty but I'm pretty OC with my skin, so yeah that's a big deal already. Whenever I go out and wear tube tops I make it a point to not tie my hair to hide the little marks but hopefully with this product I can tie my hair again and regain my healthy and healthy - looking skin :)

  4. I've never had a facial. Should you tip a facialist? How much should it be?


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