Grubbies | Comfy Outfits for Busy You

Not that I consider this post a late one... I don't think it is. But I'm sure you've heard of the new brand, Grubbies. So just hold your horses before getting shiny shmmery splendid outfits for the holidays that we will only wear it once. 

Why might get something that you can use everyday! Something comfy at that.Base from friends' testimonials, I learned that Grubbies are very comfortable and light. Something that is easy to move around especially if you go around doing a lot of errands outdoors. Given he humidity and changing weather, Grubbies makes it easy for girls to move around. 

Although you wouldn't catch me wearing anything that it not form fitting for events, when at home working at or my place of work, I prefer something similar to Grubbies relying on Lacoste dress shirts and shirts and skirts.

I personally recommend Grubbies for girls who are always on the go and doesn't worry too much about style but give more for comfort. 

You can get  Grubbie at Catalogue 63!

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  1. Pam Martinez5/12/11 6:01 PM

    hi! the clothes look real nice. first time i've heard of this brand tho, are the sizes and cuts forgiving? :) 


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