SoundFreaq for the Audiophile in Me

I'm a big fan of music. More so now that I got the SoudFreaq Speakers. It's amazingly one of the best gadgets to own. I'm not really into all the technicalities but for that needs to know the deets on the Sonundfreq Speakers:

It's a sound platform that plays in four different ways -- Bluetooth, iPod dock, Aux In and FM Radio. It's basically everything you need if you have the latest gadgets and even if you don't. If your phone or laptop has a bluetooth and you have music to play, then you can play them with the Soundfreaq speakers.

Pairing your device is really easy. No need for password. Just set the Soundfreaq to Bluetooth and make sure that your mobile or laptop bluetooth is on and discoverable. Then simply pair them.

If you have an iPhone, Ipad or iTouch, download the Soundfreaw App (found in App Store. It's free.) and you can play your music playlist through that. Don't worry, the interface didn't change. it's just like making your iPhone, iPad or iTouch a remote control. So neat!

Aux in is my favorite!!

It made my room into a cinema! My viewing experience have changed! The sound from Soundfreaq makes the movies and TV shows all the more enjoyable. It made the room seem to be surround sound. The BF couldn't stop raving it when we watched a few actions and sci-fi films like Avatar, Drive Crazy and Fast and Furious, we were blown away with the sound.

It was smooth, crisp and clear. For someone who didn't know much about speakers, I sure knew I was missing a lot when I started using Soundfreaq. I didn't realize I was using a mediore one before.

I searched and saw this written about the Soundfreaq and it's powerful speakers:

Dual Port Chambers 
The Dual Port Chambers control air flow in the system, similar to a manifold and exhaust in a car. Using reinforced plastic resin and sealed assembly, Sound Platform eliminates air "leaks" and unintended reverberation that degrade sound performance. As the speaker ports wrap from the driver to the rear ports, the nautilus shaped path increases the air travel while allowing the acoustic chamber to fit within a compact footprint.

Using the dock allows me to play my music and charge my phone which is such a convenience especially when I'm doing chores, showering and changing.

And just look at how sleek the design is!

I love how it has that sort of 70's vibe. It's minimalist design screams, me! I love how the buttons weren't complicated. I'm not one to use manuals (I get bored with them easily) and I didn't even glance at it. Even with the starter guide. But it took me seconds to figure out Soundfreaq.

If you love yourself and your movies and music, you shouldn't scrimp on cheap speakers. Get Soundfreaq. It's definitely one of the best things that happened in my room!

I even wouldn't mind having two of this (Santa, hope you can hear me!) And cheaper, too, compared to other branded speakers I know, It's only Php9,950.

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