The Little Things She Needs: The Next "It" Thing!

Last week, I got to join Rowena and Michelle to check out the latest store that is filled with every little thing a girl needs. They've got flats, accessories, bags and other fashionable items. Right off the bat, I noticed that price are quite affordable with accessories starting at 199 and shoes that goes for 2 for Php1,999

The store is definitely rightfully named "The Little Things She Needs". It's an Indonesian brand that started off as a shoe brand and thene xpanded into trinkets and other necesary and colelctible things that they think a woman or a girl would want to give her outfit the boost it needs. It has over 19 stores in Indonesia, 3 in Singapore, one opening in Thailand and now here in the Philippines.

I noticed that compared from a few years back, girls are more conscious with their fashion choices. Back in college, most of us are content with pearl earrings we bought from Greenhills or gifts from our parents. Now, girls have a big part in dressing herself up. What a freedom.

And guess their Philippine brand ambassador is....

One of those women that girls now look up to is Laureen Uy of Break My Style. Known for her ecentric choices for accessories, The Little Things She Needs couldn't have picked a better ambassador. Laureen bridges fashion to girls who are just discovering themselves. Women like her invokes confidence in a girl to try out different style without having to compromise classiness and veering away from being age appropriate. And the store The Little Things She Needs do come in handy in accumulating accessories much needed to style yourself just like her.

Joanna introduces us to TLTSN and makes a short speech about the brand during its store launch at Eastwood Citywalk 2 (Right beside Starbucks)

The brains behind The Litte Things She Needs flew to MNL to oversee the launch and meet the Philippine Press and bloggers!

Styling contest was held for chosen girls. it was fun to see them mix and match different TLTSN stuff!

And for what to look forward in the store... :)


I love these neon flats! It's so Katy Perry-ish in Last Friday Night! These are the flats to mix and match!

how affordable right?

Loving the accessories!

The bags are ideal for school and work! Eyeing the big white one!

Boy do I love these closed wedges!

And for the fashion bloggers that rocked the house...! (not including me!)

Ava and Pax!

Krissy and Keigh!

Bianca and Sarah

Anj and me!

I wore: Promod Blazer, Forever 21 Plain White Tee, Pink Manila Carrot Pants, Avon Premium Bag, Accessories from me and Accessories, So! Fab Wedges.

I like what I saw in The Little Things She Needs. It's really a one-stop-shop of accessories and if you're one to collect, prepare to do some major damage. Personally, I think I'll go back for the wedges and pumps that are ideal for my line of work (PR events and office stay-ins). It looks extremely comfortable and sturdy!

Do check out if you pass by The Little Things She Needs in Eastwood.

I'm sure I'll be buying more than coffee at Eastwood Citywalk now!

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The Little Things She Needs
Eastwood Citywalk 2, Quezon City (located beside Starbucks)

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  1. You are rocking it Shen!

  2. am sooooooo loving your outfit! :)

  3. Pam Martinez23/11/11 8:39 PM

    wow, looks like a great new store worth checking out :) 

  4. Beauty Venture23/11/11 9:51 PM

    I hope they a store at Shangri-la Mall or SM Megamall! <3

  5. Edelweiss_1924/11/11 2:20 PM

    I love the neon flats! :)

  6. Love your outfit Miss Shen!

  7. How much are they selling the wedges? I love them!!!!!! :> Followed you po :)


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