Think of Aura | A First from Swarovski

Swarovski, known for their coveted crystals, released a fragrance called Aura. They aptly describes is "an incandescent fruity floral which is centred around a prism of energy"

With notes  amber, benzoin, white musk, pink pepper, lychee, tuberose and rose, your senses will be regaled by the clarity as if inspired by the light diffracted from the flawless crystals of Swarovski.

I'm hardly the right person about perfumes. I'm usually happy with a simple cologne or anything that is fruity or citrus based. I quite loyal to a few scents I have at my disposable... and yet, I can't seem to stop myself from picking this up from my vanity the moment I got it.

A scent of Aura is surprisingly not too overwhelming. If I to describe it, I think of the scent as very finesse, smooth and almost silky... that's the feel I get from it. It blends so well against the skin like your favorite foundation. The scent is poised and sophisticated.

If I could envision a woman wearing this scent, it would be Charlotte of Sex and the City. I could imagine her spraying her pulse points with Aura as she gets ready for her date, in a little black dress, lace gloves, stiletto pumps and delicate pearls.

Wearing this scent allows me to feel very womanly, in touch with every corner of my femininity. Like how a crystal takes in light and diffract it into luminous wonder

It's amazing how a scent can take you on a journey... 

And I am simply in love with the clear cut Crystal gem residing on top of its cover. Funny how the boyfriend sees it like a Luke Skywalker's Light Saber in Star Wars. But me though, I imagine this would fit in nicely atop Queen Amidala's vanity table because of its modern appeal.

The bottle alone is enough for anyone to purchase this fragrance. Collectors will surely love Aura by Swarovski.

What about you? What fragrance awakens your feminity?

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