Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Giveaway: Win Ystilo GC's Worth P2,000!!*

Hello Dearies!

Good Morning!

I want to share a bit blessing that has been sitting in my closet for quite awhile. It's a P2,000 worth of gift certificates from Ystilo Salon. I received this as PR Gift.

Disclaimer: It's valid only until 23rd of September and only redeemable at thier Mall of Asia Branch. So, I really need for you to be sure you can use this before joining. :)

Ystilo is in noway related to this contest. I am just sharing this gc's with you since I won't be able to use it.

To join, you need to do the following.

1. Become a Facebook Liker of Shen's Addiction. (link: and,
      Create as status on your FB, tagging Shen's Addiction page and share the following: Shen's Addiction is giving away Ystilo GC's worth P2000! Check out her blog to find out how! (
    ---Don't forget to tag Shen's Addiction FB page on your Status!

2. Become a Twitter Follower of Shen's Addiction. (link: and,
      Twit the following Get a chance to win Ystilo GC from @shensaddiction. check out her blog at

3. Become a subscriber of Shen's Addiction. Click here. (so you get updates from me!)

4. Email me your name, mobile, add. and all the proof you did no.'s 1-3 at shenscontest(at)gmail(dot)com . :)
    NOTE: Use email that you used for subscribing to this blog. 
                I am asking for your mobile no. for the urgency that I need to ship the GC's to the winner ASAP.

5. Post links of your hardwork below! :)

Contest ends on September 13! Your GC's will be shipped! :)

1 winner only! :)

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join!

*Open to all Philippine residents but you must be able to make it to Ystilo at Mall of Asia before September 23.

To get email updates, please subscribe here.
Please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Got questions? Contact me here.


janelle dumalaon said...

i joined your giveaway!!!!! :)!/jaynell24/status/111929873819385857

nemsis75 said...

corrine emata

Carmi said...

hi shen!

nice giveaway! :) this is very timely as i want to have a makeover already:)
done with 1-3.. can i get your email please?

thanks! :)

Lani Sonza said...!/lilaec
and tagged you as well!

*cross fingers!
I hope I win!

Jackline kaye bautista said...

jackline kaye bautista

1 -!/permalink.php?story_fbid=251060954932333&id=1205366501

2 -!/jacklinekaye/status/111967917511426049

3 -

Camille Quiambao said...

Liked your FB fanpage and posted about the giveaway.

Followed you on Twitter and posted.!/quiam/status/111970531712049152

Subscribed on your blog


I sent you an email, too :)

Camille Quiambao

Rachel Villanueva said...

Hi! Enter me, please! Thank you! :)Name/GFC/FB: Rachel VillanuevaLink: outdoor_kittyLink:!/outdoor_kitty/status/112005912323035136Email Subscription: racheltvillanueva at gmail dot com

Menchie Santos said...

joined your contest also sent via email the ff:

Name: Menchie SantosMobile Number: 09175846306Address: 4836-D Valderama St. Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati Cityemail address: 1. FB Status: 2. Twitter:!/chiieeLOVEStoto 3. Shen's Addiction Subscriber:

dashashash said...

* I've been a subscriber of your blog for the longest time. I used in subscribing.* Posted an FB status regarding your mini giveaway HERE.* Tweeted about it also HERE.Thanks for this. :)

Lorna Puno said...

Ang ganda po ng make up niyo done na po ung 3 steps hope to win

A DC said...

Hi! I'm joining! :)!/magz_dc/status/112000839186518017

Agnes Dela Cruz

honeyhingco said...

Hi Ms. Shen! Just sent my entry. Thanks! I hope I can win this! =)

GrowRich Pinay said...

Hi Ms Shen,

Email Add used for subscribing: onlinefilipinaworker(at)yahoo(dot)com

Posted on FB:


Thank you.

Helen Blas said...

1. FB Name: Helen BlasFB Post: Twitter: helenblasTweet:!/helenblas/status/1120244543008317443. Email subscriber: helenblas(at)yahoo(dot)comSent you an email :)

Lorna Puno said... my yahoo facebook profile status!/lhornsky/following

Elinor Semira said...

Hi, I'm joining. Please count me in!

A Facebook Liker of Shen's Addiction - Elinor Semira
FB post:

A Twitter Follower of Shen's Addiction - @mhoie1325
Twitter post:!/mhoie1325/status/112037387500142592

A subscriber of Shen's Addiction - elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com

Already sent an email

Thanks! ^_^

Maria Laarni Berdan said...

Good luck to everyone!

1. Fan of your FB page (Maria Laarni Berdan) and shared on my wall:

2. Followed you in twitter: @lanieberdan; and tweeted:!/lanieberdan/status/112042632145928192

3. I'm a subscriber!

nemsis75 said...

i sent you my email earlier hope you had recieved it. sent it about 6:43am. 

John Henry Berdan said...

1. Fan of your FB page (John Henry) and shared on my

2. Followed you in twitter: @jhberdan; and tweeted:!/jhberdan/status/112051825460523008

3. I'm a subscriber!

Leizle Demaisip said...

email sent =)

FB link:

Twitter link:!/iamLeizle4ever/status/112057886556950528

jennifer tria said...

Twitter     !/vivaciousjen
I sent my email already with pics of my proofs :D
God bless...

MA. CARMI ZATE said...

Hello Shen,Nice giveaway! :)1. - shared your giveaway in my facebook page (Carmi Zate)2.  tweeted about the giveaway here:!/happy_cee/status/1119568587423866883. already a subscriber4. sent an email for my details :)Thanks,Carmi

JesRoque said...


Follower via email and GFC: JesRoque

Thanks for this giveaway! :)

Yen said...

Hi Ms. Shen! I love your blog..


katherine rose rivera said...

Hi Shen, I joined your contest.

1. FB entry
2. Twitter entry!/
3. Subscribed using my email kraziekitkath(at)yahoo .com   
4. Emailed you and send screen shots

Katherine Torres said...

I hope i win!1.!/katytorres/status/1122248458734141443. Email Subscription Confirmed!A message will be delivered to k*** if the publisher has produced new content on that day. No new content, no email for you.


Hi! I'm joining. Hope I win.

1.) Liked your FB Page:  Malou Espanol
2.) FB Post:
3.) Twitter Follower:  kikayprincess02
4.) Twitter Post:!/kikayprincess02/status/112345348118286336
5.) Email subscriber:
6.) Sent you an email already.

Pierre Angeli Ardiente Suravil said...

Hi Ms. Shen. Im joining your contest: 



Pierre Angeli Suravilla

janelle dumalaon said...

hi! i joined your giveaway! i resent my entry at the email add above, i thought we're to send it on your email address found on contact shen hehehehe

Kei said...

Just joined! 

Elaine Chua said...!/JCnQT/status/112000187710439424
screenshots sent via email.


Paula said...

Hi Shen!
Posted on FB:
Email Add used for subscribing: onlinefilipinaworker(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank you.

Donnn_19 said...

im joining

katherine rose rivera said...

ms shen, i already send you an email of my entry and post my 3 proofs here yesterday but i havent seen my post. thanks

katherine rose rivera said...


1. FB Page:
2. Twitter:!/
3. Subscribed yesterday.


MA. CARMI ZATE said...

hello shen. joining this. :) hope you received my email already :D

Freyritz said...

Joined. Yey :)

Jackline Kaye Orsal Bautista said...

sana manalo ako!  :)

Jackline Kaye Orsal Bautista said...!/permalink.php?story_fbid=251060954932333&id=1205366501!/jacklinekaye/status/111967917511426049

Jackline Kaye Orsal Bautista said...!/permalink.php?story_fbid=251060954932333&id=1205366501!/jacklinekaye/status/111967917511426049


FB Post:

Twitter Post:!/kikayprincess02/status/112345348118286336

theresa montino said...

hi.. I'm joining sis :)

1. FB post :

2. twitter post:!/jayresa03/status/113123599853953024

3. email subscriber:

alleysonlaurice said...

FB post:!/alleysonrabino
twitter post:!/alleysonlaurice/

screenshots sent via email

thanks :)

alleysonlaurice said...

FB post:!/alleysonrabino
twitter post:!/alleysonlaurice/

screenshots sent via email.

salmoncat said...

I'd like to join please:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=246038068764573&id=100000751461447!/salmoncat/status/113183766058504192 said...


3. Subscribed to your blog
Emailed and hope to win!!

Kitten Macawili said...


FB post:

Twit post:!/meeeow18/status/113478440539262976

And subscribed since January. :)

Kitten Macawili said...


FB post:
Twit Post:!/meeeow18/status/113478440539262976

And already an email subscriber since January. :)

Joan Christine Macawili

Benn Adrian Ilaw said...

1. Become a facebook liker, tag to your page and share ^_^ Become a twitter follower  and twit ^_^!/bennwithdoubleN/status/1123637574470205443. Become a subscriber 

Margaret Gomez said...

Done!! =))))))))))))


FB Link:

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