Now Open: Ferretti Shoes Online

Another online shoe store is born and it's something most of us are familiar with. Meaning, we know how well it's made and something we can also get in person. But for those of us who haven't the time to visit the malls (most jobs now overtake our lives), we have to sate our shopping cravings.

Best of all, Ferretti now has more wonderful modern styles worthy of the runway. I personally love Ferretti shoes as it made in Marikina, the city in the Philippines closest to my heart. It's were I had my first kiss, my first love and well, my first everything (lol!) ....and yes, Marikina makes the best damn shoes in the country!

The model looks familiar? That's because Ferretti's newest model is Alex Lapa of, winner of 2010 Philippine Blog Awards - Beauty and Fashion Category and stylist to famous showbiz heiress actress and host, KC Concepcion.

What are you waiting for? Visit and get some shoe fix stat!

Ferretti Shoes are avialable at Glorietta 5 and Sta. Lucia East Grandmall.

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  1. chewing-pearls.blogspot.com11/9/11 6:34 PM

    Wow they have really awesome shoes! :D


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