Not your Ordinary Lipstick: Colour Collection Mineral Cosmetics Lipstick (Product Photos, Lip Swatches, FOTD's)

Gone are the days when we think that Mineral Makeup comes only in powder form. Don't you just feel lucky to be alive an era continuously provide us with a lot options in beauty and cosmetics? Now you can have your mineral makeup in the form of what we were always used, too. In pressed form and yes, you can have a mineral makeup lipstick in the convenience of bullet tube sans the parabens and other harmful ingredients. No worries, either,about those lead content that says causes cancer.

What I like about being a cosmetic addict is that I know a rip off from a really good product. You really can't fool and addict. We'd rather scour more to find a good fix than settle for something that isn't worth our hard-earned dime.

As much I like high-end makeup brands, I admit that I can only afford them when I make extra bucks from work, save up or when I need to reward myself for good behavior. Other than that, I try to look for products that performs just as great but won't bankrupt me.

As with mineral makeup in traditional packaging, you'd think you'd pay an arm and leg just to have one. I'm happy to say that you don't have to!

I recently got introduced to Colour Collection's newest line, Mineral Cosmetics. They have a complete line of mineral makeup from mineral pressed powder, dual blush palette, eyeshadow quads and of course, mineral lipsticks which is the focus of this post!

Colour Collection Mineral Cosmetics

Colour Collection's Mineral Cosmetic Lipstick is only Php350 each.

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

Satin Shell is a pink brown shade that is ideal for everyday use. This is definitely an MLBB (my lips but better) kind of lipstick. It's a great dupe of MAC Cosmo Amplified Lipstick.

Plumberry is a warm satin pink lipstick that will compliment your regular smokey black eye makeup. This type of shade doesn't discriminate skin tones. From the fairest of fair to the golden morensa, this pink lipstick is a sure to make you pretty in an instant. The closest shade that I have on my stash is CoverGirl's Lip Perction in Heavenly.

Smooth Wine is a warm deep red shade that is worthy of 1920's look, Flapper Era. The shade, like its name, reminds me of a rich red wine. Comparing it to my other red lipsticks, Smooth Wine seemed toned down and makes me conclude that this is a wearable wine red. The closest shade I could find in my stash is Maybelline's ColorSentational Lipstick in Sunrise Set.

Brick Red is a warm brown red shade with tinge of orange. Yes, it does remind me of red bricks but it's not that flat with its satin texture. This will definitely spice up a neutral makeup. This shade compared to my other lip colors appear to be a tamer shade of red.

Creamy Coral is an ideal peach/orange lipstick and compliments most Asian skin tone. I don't have anything like this in my collection. It's very coral to the point of orange on my pigmented lips. Use this shade when creating bronzey or peach-y eye makeup to complete your look.

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

What I like:
  • Amazingly pigment. - I was pleased to know that Colour Collection didn't minced on the quality of this collection as they really have a fabulous selection of regular/traditional lipsticks.
  • Scent and/or tastes is like milk chocolate - Maybe vanilla to some.
  • It's a mineral makeup!
  • Easy to apply - I didn't feel the need to use a lip brush. (although using a lip brush always assure even and precise application especially on red lipsticks)
  • The lipstick bullet is sturdy enough and doesn't move around the tube.
  • Great wearable color selection
  • At par with my regular high end and some affordable lipsticks.
  • Staying power is like any regular lipstick
  • Doesn't have that filmy feel when applied
  • It doesn't bleed on the edges of my lips (even the red shades)
  • No need for lip liners (although this can help lipstick stay longer)
  • I love the sheen that is between matte and satin-y
  • Affordable at only Php350 each tube.
What I don't:
  • Although it's not really a big factor, I'm not all too thrilled about the simplicity of the packaging. But I guess, packaging is not a huge factor in deciding what lipstick to buy.


As per tradition, below are the swatches on my arm and lips, add to that photos of me (my face wearing each lipstick with a neutral makeup look. :)

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

Satin Shell | Plumberry | Swooth Wine | Brick Rose | Creamy Coral

Satin Shell | Plumberry

Swooth Wine | Brick Rose
Creamy Coral 
I definitely recommend getting Satin Shell and Plumberry. These shades are my most favorite as I find them flattering on my fair-medium skin tone. Although red lipstick are gaining back it's throne for the Fall season, red isn't a color that one can maximize. Satin Shell can definitely take you from day to night by simply swipe a gloss on top of it. But if you're wearing for wearable reds, keep in mind Smooth Wine and Brick Red. You can purchase Creamy Coral for out of town trips to beach or keep one in stock for summer and spring.

Lipstick Epiphany

One thing is for sure, these shades are great in changing your look even if you barely know how to apply eye makeup as I've proven on photos above. You don't need to be a makeup artist in order to achieve a certain look. All you need are several lipstick and you'll be a whole new you.

Where to find Colour Collection Cosmetics

Colour Collection is available through direct selling. Call 02-859-3000 and they will get you in touch with a dealer near you. Better yet, become a dealer yourself and enjoy discounts and perks! Visit their facebook page at

They also have a cause right now called Click for A Tree as their efforts to save the environment. Visit and do your part for Mother Nature. It already has 4,595 clicks. Add yours!

Back to the Mineral Lipsticks

Did you like the new selection of the mineral lipsticks? What are you eyeing to purchase for yourself? Have you tried any mineral lipsticks? Share your thought with me on the comment section! :)

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  1. those shades are really pretty, and it's a relief they're not moving around the tube.. my mineral lipsticks are kinda on the soft side .. these impressed me as kind of the regular lipstick with the benefits of it being on the mineral line. great review!

  2. i like all those colors!!!

  3. Issachavez23/9/11 9:09 AM

    Oh my! You're tempting me with Satin Shell and Plumberry!  Very pretty shades but I have to stop myself since I just bought several Covergirl lippies...

  4. smooth wine looks fantastic on you ;-)

  5. Thanks for the swatches! I really appreciate it. You make it easier for us, readers, to choose shades. :) 

  6. I have this in creamy coral and its a really really lovely shade! thanks for the swatches of the other colors!

  7. I was scared of pink lipsticks because I've always thought they would clash with my skintone.  Bobbi Brown warm beige works for both of us so I decided to take a leap of faith.  I figured what works for you may work for me, too.  Thanks to you, I tried (and bought) my first pink lipstick and found out that I love pink!  I now have Chanel Legende plus Nyx Addis Ababa and Milan.  I'll definitely check out the other pink lipsticks you rave about.  Thanks for your lovely posts, Shen!    
    I hope you can visit my blog,too.:D

  8. Shen, my plumberry is a little bit on the pink-coral side. Looks great on you though :)

  9. I love Plumberry! Can't get enough of pink lipsticks =))

  10. Sadee Butt23/9/11 7:33 PM

    woww superbly gorgoues
    Follow Back Please♥ SadeeStyle ♥ 

  11. I like Plumberry and the coral shade one. Where can I find these lipsticks?

  12. wow great finds! ~__~ would love to try them out. i'm esp looking for a red that's not too loud.

  13. pag nag-sale yan P199 lang....just look at tupperware brands brochure..:)

  14. Hello! I like your lips and your lipsticks! They are very beautiful! I live in Kazakhstan, how can i order this lipstick? Could you please help me on this matter? Please...Thank you, Mary


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