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New Trinkets: Golden Finds at F21


Please welcome my new accessories from Forever 21.

I never paid much attention to the accessories department of F21. Thanks to Jheng who struts in cool accessories from the store that I finally stopped and take a look. Boy did I do some damage. :)

Turqoise Gold Ring! Love the color!

So french country! Love rosette earings.

For good luck, studded horseshoe earrings

something classic with a twist, pearl earrings

filigree earrings

for night outs, a solid gold hook earrings. love the almost Egyptian feel.

Capiz and gold with design earrings

big rings are hot!

So are connector rings!

Truth is, I never got use to wearing accessories. I would usually take them off as soon as I know the night is about to end. But since I love the designs and love the look of gold against my Asian skin tone, I keep on wearing them. :)

Accessories are like makeup for me. It has a way of making a ho-hum outfit come alive. I'm able to transform a plain white tee into a resort worthy look with a few bright accessories. I can make my simple jean shorts ready to party with nice belt and some chunky bracelets.

What I usually do is stick to the basics with my fashion choices, avoid too many colors and stick to neutral shades of tan, brown, gray, black and white. Then I invest in really nice accessories that I can mix and match. Throw in a nice outerwear and same neutral shoes and you're good to go. :)

That's why I invest more on cosmetics. For me, makeup really changes an attire that even when you're in plain looking clothes, a blush and mascara can go along way in making you look more presentable.

How about you? Are you more into clothes or makeup? I guess, you know my answer to this question already. :) Lol.

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