A-10-SHEN: POND'S Big Beauty SALE!

I love Pond's because they always have a SALE on my birthday month. And you know what they say about birthdays, you have extra money to shop and people give you gifts. As for me, I don't mind receiving any from the Pond's Age Miracle Line (wink! wink!). :)

But I'm not the only one celebrating this month. You are, too, if you like Pond's as much as I do. Time to hoard on your favorite Pond's products!

From September 16 to October 02, 2011 are the products listed below are in BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

  • Age Miracle Day Cream 50g – Php 599 
  • Age Miracle Day Cream 10g – Php 120 
  • Flawless White UV prevention cream 30g – Php 219 
  • Flawless White UV prevention cream 50g – Php 349 
  • Clear Solutions Facial Scrub 50g – Php 75 
  • Perfect Matte Facial Foam 50g – Php 75 
  • White Beauty Spotless Detox 40g – Php 110 
  • White Beauty Spotless Detox 20g – Php 70 
  • White Beauty Pinkish White Cream 40g – Php 100 
  • White Beauty Pinkish White Cream 20g - Php 65 

I suggest getting the Age Miracle Day Cream for Mom, Flawless White UV Prevention Cream for yourself and Clear Solution Facial Scrub and White Beauty Spotless Detox for your friends or sisters. :) And the Clear Solutions Facial Scrub can be a good pasalubong for the BF and dad, too. :)

What are you getting? I'm hoarding on Clear Solutions Facial Scrub and Flawless White UV prevention cream. There's nothing like a clean and well protected skin. :)

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  1. i got the Perfect Matte Facial Foam last saturday :D my sisters asked me to buy them and i was like how lucky hihi :">

  2. WOW! thanks for the heads up.... :)


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