Friday, September 9, 2011

My Cute Bookmark

I remember being such a bookworm back in school. My desk was filled with books i owned and those borrowed from the library and from friends. I was really a happy person back then if you keep me occupied with a book.

I'm still a bookworm now except i found out that you can get them electronically. So my hobby of collecting the hard copy ones lessened a bit. Lately though, I found a book that I've been neglecting for nearly 3 years now. And look what I found attached to it! :)

It's sooo cute!! It's a Hoops and Yoyo magnetic bookmark. I think I got this at National for my lawbooks back in the day. Or was it Fully Booked.

Yes! I use to be a bookstore-holic before I was a cosmetic junkie. Who wasn't anyway? I still love bookstores!

This bookmark is simply one example why. :)

Well, that's it for now! Don't forget to join my latest giveaway. :) Click here :)

And look! It doesn't fall off! Don't you just love a bookmark that doesnt fall off???

Well, that's it for now! Don't forget to join my latest giveaway. :) Click here :)

much love,


huixin said...

cute! i have never been a bookworm but if i ever read, i will usually just grab a receipt or a piece of paper to be my bookmark. and i have a really beautiful bookmark which i can't bring myself to use

Issachavez said...

awwww, this is sooo cute!!!  i also use just a cardboard or piece of paper for a bookmark, hihihi

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