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Friends With Benefits | A Movie You Should Really Watch (R18)


Ever since I saw the trailer of Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake (The Social Network) and Mila Kunis (Thats 70's Show), I was hooked! Dead set on watching the film.

The trailer can already surmise and give you a craving on how the film will be. The chemistry between Justin and Mila was undeniable. I love the no bullshit attitude of both characters and they play it so well. I honestly thought that MTRCB will never allow this film to be shown, but maybe it has enough moral lesson and "love" that warrants a chance for Filipino viewers to learn a few things from the westerners.

Seriously, I just really like the idea that a well-established woman can actually separate her emotions from her body's physical needs and actually remove love from the equation. Like Samantha Jones, but a bit tamer version of her. Have sex if she wants to without all the need for the spooning, "i love you's" and waiting for the guy to call or text.

...And remain friends with the guy without the awkwardness of it all. I've made out with a few dudes in my younger days and I hate some of these guys would think that after a kiss, I'm head over heels with them. Get a grip, right?

When Tara and I were exchanging thoughts about how the movie would end, I told her that I hope they never fall in love and have that I'll-follow-you-where-ever-you-are ending. For once, I wanted a "love" film that broke all the rules. That they would call off all "benefits" when they both tire of it and still be friends. Real true friends. That sex doesn't come in the equation except that it was just both their bodies calling to each other and not their hearts.

And if they do fall in love, it's not because of the good brain-crushing sex, but because they just did.

For once, I want a realistic (yeah right!) movie that can actually depicts reality. That these things happen, just not the way it's suppose to be. Call me crazy, a hoyden even, but I like women having a grip of their emotions and that sex can be just that, sex. That falling for someone doesn't need to have "sex" in it. And vice versa.

I think many women are confuses the two and I just want a movie that tells us that it's not. You can have sex and not love. You can love even without sex and that sex is just the sweet cherry on top (or so to speak).

Either way, I can't wait to watch this film with my BBFF's!! :)

Friends With Benefits will hit the theater on September 28!

Girls, where and what time are we watching? Tweet me!

P.S. I'll be pissed if this movie has a lot of cuts!

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