Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anne Curtis On Preview Magazine

I just got a copy of Preview's September Issue. To be honest, cover barely matters to me especially if they are celebs. I buy magazines for the latest fashion news, spread and beauty releases. Except when Anne Curtis is on the cover. This time I grabbed Preview for the sole reason that Anne Curtis was in it.

Reason why Anne? I love her whole look, from the face and body. I just really find her beautiful. I want to know how a magazine glams her up and read the interview they did on her.

But before immersing myself on the copy of The Septemper ish of Preview, I made a quick look and thought all of a sudden how Divine Lee-ish Anne looks on this cover.

Di ba????

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Issachavez said...

i agree, she is so pretty!!!!

Lush Angel said...

Ang pretty talaga nya! And she dresses well pa! Lahat na! Haha! :D

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